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How can you truly understand your Return on Recruiting Investment (RORI)?  Know your numbers!  Measuring the strengths and weaknesses of your recruiting/talent acquisition efforts is essential for the progression of your organization’s hiring process.

SourceMob’s RORI Calculator™ delivers an array of detailed reports and Key Performance Metrics (cost per view, cost per click, cost per apply and cost per hire), allowing you and your Talent Acquisition team to easily measure the success and RORI of all of your online hiring campaigns in real-time and over a window of time.

Not only will you know the status of your recruiting investments, you will have the documentation needed to truly understand and enhance your recruitment strategies and share the success with your Leadership.

Career Ad Campaign Tracking

SourceMob’s RORI Calculator™ provides analytics for all social, mobile and job/career advertisement campaigns.  In addition, it enables visibility for the number of views, clicks, opens, applies and new hires.  It will also track costs over each of the Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) and web, social and mobile referring sources.

Email Campaign Optimal Timing

The RORI Calculator™ will determine the best time(s) to run email campaign advertisements.  This maximizes the reach of your message and will significantly increase your candidate engagement.  No longer will you need to waste time planning your campaign schedule.

The Result…

The RORI Calculator™ will not only drive down overall recruiting costs, but it will provide your recruiting organization a new level of recruiting metrics never seen before.  All of this will lead to a shortened time to hire.

The system offers a deeper insight into the influence and performance of your recruiting and job campaigns and provides on-demand reporting of metrics like cost per hire and cost per campaign.  No product on the market matches the efficiency and affordability of the RORI Calculator™.

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