Companies are finding that the “old” recruiting techniques of the early 2000s–the use of job boards and LinkedIn, the dreaded Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS)–are not as productive as they used to be and are hated by candidates. Why? It is because they are not finding the top-talent or passive candidates like they used to or rely on “pray and spray” techniques of the past. Not to mention they are becoming increasingly expensive, inflexible and not candidate friendly.

As an alternative, Social Community, Web and Mobile Recruiting is no longer just an improved method of job candidate engagement, but a necessity in the fight to convert the highest quality active and passive job seekers.

Through social, web, community and mobile recruiting, your company can instantly reach billions of potential candidates. Did you know between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ there are over 3 Billion profiles on these networks. SourceMob can now assist your recruiting efforts without adding any unwanted burdens on busy Human Resources or IT Departments.

Social Demographics prove that candidates of all ages, salary and education levels across all geographic areas use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Did you also know there is now over 3 Billion smart phone connections in the US alone and Google Search indicates 70% of candidate job search is already being done on a mobile device?

Thinking of Going Social? Consider These Advantages:

  • Quick expansion of talent networks
  • Increased employer awareness
  • Improvement in candidate quality
  • Improvement in candidate quantity
  • Easier access to important candidate data
  • Virality of job postings
  • Enhanced two-way communications

Put It Simply…

If your company fails to utilize social media for recruiting, you will not only see a drop in both the quality and quantity of their candidates, but you will quickly lose candidates to the competition!

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