Are You Wasting Your Time on Failed Recruiting Endeavors?

SourceMob HR Analytics Solutions offer comprehensive and real-time Big Data, giving you on-demand supervision for all of your Web HR functions. You also will see Trending data along with comparative month and Year over Year views. You need to know exactly how your Career Sites, Web, Community and Career Social Pages on all the key channels are performing at all times.

Numerous organizations today do not own or measure their talent acquisition analytics. Worse yet, their HR metrics are managed outside of the HR department by either marketing or IT. Without quick access to hiring data, how can they analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their job campaigns and opportunity to optimize their apply and hiring efforts.

It is widely believed that the audience size, number of likes, followers and circles are the keys to judging online recruiting performance. Yes, size does matter, but more importantly, the cost per apply and hire should be your Key Performance Metric (KPI). Having tools that enable you to know how to lower your recruiting costs is essential! You cannot truly assess your operation without first analyzing candidate engagement, two-way conversations with your candidates, cost per campaign view, cost per click, cost per apply, time to hire, and cost per hire.

The SourceMob program provides turn-key analytical reporting of all KPIs on-demand. Our clients are seeing applies at $1.56 to $2.53 per apply.

The Return-On-Recruiting Investment Calculator

Interested to know how many clicks, opens and applies you are getting from each of your job titles? Do you want to know where your applies are coming from, by social and job channel? Do you want to create and track custom campaigns to any 3rd-party job site like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder and more. For these reasons and many more our larger clients asked for and now love the RORI Calculator. To learn more fill out the demo request form.


VisitorsRX is a simple to install tool that provides Talent Acquisition professionals with Recruitment Analytics for their corporate career pages. Find out how many unique visitors come to your corporate career page and how many of them access your information through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Use the data to optimize your career pages from the candidate experience and start to learn where candidates are defecting.

Social & Mobile Analytics Identify:

  • Which Social Platform Candidates Come From
  • How Many Candidates Are Coming From Mobile
  • How Candidates Find You
  • Defection & Bounce Rates
  • Campaign ROI Analysis
  • Sourcing Effectiveness
  • Time Spent on Your Career Page
  • Unique and Total Visitors
  • Which Operating System Is Used
  • Common Site Navigation Paths
  • How Often Candidates Return
  • Social Referral Tracking & ROI

…And many more Key Performance Metrics!

To learn more about SourceMob’s Analytics solutions, please fill out the demo request form, call us at (952) 417-6955 or send us an email at