Launch of New Cloud-Based Return on Recruiting Investment Calculator Makes Analytic Reporting Easier for Hiring Professionals

MINNEAPOLIS – Keeping track of your organization’s Return on Recruiting Investment (RORI) is no longer a daunting task now that SourceMob has released the RORI™ Calculator.

This self-service online solution offers Talent Acquisition users accurate, measurable and trackable real-time data for all social, mobile, job/career advertising campaigns and referring sources.  The Calculator also tracks mobile ROI.  RORI provides holistic visibility to the number of views, clicks, opens, applies, and new hires from all of your campaigns and ranks them best to least.  In addition, it tracks and measures the cost of each of these Key Performance Metrics (KPIs).  Companies using the RORI™ Calculator will lower overall recruiting costs.

Along with the RORI™ Calculator, SourceMob delivers On-Demand and Monthly Trend Analytics solutions.  These analytic solutions are the most advanced cloud-based recruiting analytic solutions in the market today.

“The RORI™ Calculator – with monthly Trend Analytics – greatly simplifies the process of determining the strengths and weaknesses of your recruiting strategy,” said Jeffery Giesener, SourceMob Founder and CEO.  “Your Talent Acquisition department is now in a position to measure which sourcing campaigns are working and which are not.  This allows for easy reallocation of funds to successful campaigns, resulting in a better recruiting ROI.”

The RORI™ Calculator also maps the best time(s) to run your various campaigns to maximize KPI performance.  This feature will shorten the time to hire.

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ABOUT SOURCEMOB: SourceMob links Internet, social, community and mobile recruiting technology to help Talent Acquisition professionals recruit the best candidates worldwide.  SourceMob software synchronizes job content and conversations from client career websites and/or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and delivers this content to a company’s web, social and mobile career page(s) including SourceMob-built Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Career pages.

Additional solutions include the creation of company job boards from which jobs and conversations can be posted directly to employee and candidates’ personal LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and mobile pages.  The full SourceMob suite of 30+ tools also includes an integrated enterprise Talent Community and CRM solution, a Mobile DirectApply™, a customized ATS solution, Social Exchange (an employee referral fully integrated solution), Enterprise Analytics, and an RORI Calculator™.  These tools provide the most affordable, scalable and powerful social, web and mobile recruiting solutions.