Client: $8 Billion Company with 25,000 employees

Pre-SourceMob Solutions Implementation: No Career presence on Social Media or Mobile

One Year after Implementation: Savings in outside recruiting fees of over $250,000

“We look for highly competitive IT recruits and as such there is a lot of competition in the marketplace. We realized that in order to rise above the competition, we needed to brand ourselves in a unique way to attract the most talented individuals. We evaluated numerous social and mobile media recruiting solutions and found that SourceMob could help us source better quality candidates (especially passive ones). It’s a much needed social recruiting solution for companies who want to adopt and successfully utilize social media or mobile for Talent Acquisition. SourceMob put together special Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Mobile IT Career pages in our global footprint. The result was a savings of over $250,000 in outside recruiting fees since the program began.

-SVP Human Resources
Consumer Products Company

Client: $1.8 Billion Company with 5,960 employees

Pre-SourceMob Solutions Implementation: No Career Page on website or any presence on Social Media or Mobile.

One Year after Implementation: 2% Hire Rate with SourceMob Solutions, only .67% Hire Rate from LinkedIn

“We processed 600 applicant requests from our LinkedIn Recruiter Seat last year and got 4 hires. We processed 100 applicants from SourceMob and got 2 hires. A huge work load savings for us! We are now working with SourceMob on new solutions to drive our hire numbers up with the same level or better efficiency.

Director of Talent Acquisition
Manufacturing Company

Client: $2.5 Billion Company with 105,000 employees

Pre-SourceMob Solutions Implementation: Only Marketing presence on Social Media, no mobile enabled access.

One Year after Implementation: Savings of over $40,000.

“We are using the SourceMob Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for Mobile and we can now have our mobile candidates apply directly on their smartphones and tablets. As a result we can reach a new and younger talent pool. Plus this ATS has been so effective for us we are now using it as our exclusive ATS. The result we saved over $40,000 in year one over our old ATS.”

VP of Talent Acquisition

Client: $75 Million Company with 72 employees

Pre-SourceMob Solutions Implementation: No Career presence on Social Media

One Year after Implementation: Dramatic reductions on hiring cycle length

“We want to use social media to fill our talent pipeline so we can be more pro-active versus reactive with our recruiting. We attend many college career fairs and want to attract students and using a social media recruiting solution such as SouceMob allows us to push our job openings to them instead of waiting for them to come to us. SourceMob allows us to compete effectively when it is time for actually recruiting. We have landed great candidates through the use of the SourceMob Solutions and have determined we save about 3 months recruiting time on each position. These savings will drop right to our bottom line.”

-Director, Human Resources
Financial Services

Client: $700 Million Company with 500 employees

Pre-SourceMob Solutions Implementation: No presence at all on Social Media

One Year after Implementation: March 1-31, 2013. 993 Applicants came from the Company’s Social and Mobile Career Pages to the Client’s Corporate Career Site for Jobs.

“We have experienced a much better qualified applicant and hire since working with the SourceMob Solutions.”

“Now using the SourceMob Community Solutions, our recruiters  go first to our SourceMob applicant database before going to outside recruiters. This is saving us thousands of dollars every month.”

“Based on our talent acquisition strategies and our desire to get more involved in social media, SourceMob is the perfect solution for us. I know through SourceMob’s analytics, the exposure along with the data that SourceMob’s solutions are providing, is beyond what our expectations were when we began the program. In fact, we just renewed with them.”

– VP of Talent Acquisition
Transportation Industry