SourceMob’s Educational Webinars, Technology, Analytics and Recruitment Marketing Services helps Talent Acquisition teams and HR Pros find highly qualified candidates through Social, Community, Mobile, and Web-based recruiting solutions resulting in lowered talent acquisition costs, faster job fill rates, better qualified candidates and measurable ROI.

SourceMob expands your HR Recruitment and Talent Acquisition reach by truly engaging in conversations with both your Passive and Active candidates. Through dedicated Social Media Career Centers (not corporate social pages) custom built for you with your own branding on all the major Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Web and Mobile), all active jobs and content are auto-published and updated to the world on a daily basis without needing your IT or Marketing Teams.

No more worrying about:

  • Don’t have the time for social
  • Don’t have the know-how
  • Can’t defend the expense by not showing a Return on Investment (ROI)

The SourceMob solutions also build your candidate engagement by building both your Talent Community and Career Alerts which generate a new talent pipeline, filling positions quickly, reducing significantly the need for expensive outside recruiter commissions. Yes–we can help you to manage all your candidates and their data in one place too using our advanced database and data mining solutions and expertise, making your hiring efforts and campaigns easy and seamless.

SourceMob also works with any Applicant Tracking System (ATS), including our own Mobile ATS, without IT or HR involvement. Essentially we layer our technology on top of your ATS solution without the need of your IT Team to implement. This our proprietary differentiation in the market place. Our job is to make you more efficient and successful, not to make your job more complicated. The key to our solution is our ability to manage your data and insights, to give you all the information you need for ROI.

Most of our clients also customize our solutions to fit their own business case. Therefore SourceMob solutions over time post-customization fit like a glove and are enjoyed deeply by our clients. All of our Customer Service and IT Teams are based here in the US. We are not one of the Big Six like SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Workday (no intention to be one) and therefore we are highly reachable. You will never see a ticketing system at SourceMob or talk to India.

Think of us as an extension of your own internal recruiting department.

The complete SourceMob Social and Mobile Recruiting solution suite is highly scalable, affordable and automated and can be fully implemented in 45-90 days.

No matter what business, you are competing for the best candidates in the market place. Successful companies know recruiting for the top talent is critical. The top talent typically wants to work for companies with the best employee brand, career development paths and the ability to grow within the organization. A company active in Social, Community Mobile and Web Recruitment is developing that reputation of being innovative and forward-thinking, which helps source and keep the very best talent.

SourceMob helps you steer your business into Social, Mobile and Web-based Recruiting. Let us show you how in a short chat and product demonstration.