The SourceMob Mobile DirectApply (MDA) is a revolutionary and proprietary Mobile-Responsive Recruiting Solution that enables your candidates to search and apply for jobs on their mobile-enabled devices (including all smartphones and tablets).  SourceMob builds custom mobile applications pages and then seamlessly delivers the application directly into your APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM (ATS) regardless of which brand of ATS you are using.

Why is a Mobile DirectApply Solution Needed?

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More than 70% of active job seekers are using mobile phones to find jobs. The problem is that most existing recruiting technologies and ATSs are not mobile ready.  The more difficult and time consuming the candidate application process is on a mobile device, the more candidates will defect.  Having to pinch and zoom to read information, searching jobs chronologically or alphabetically to find relevant job posts, or typing information into tiny forms will frustrate applicants.  In today’s fight to find top talent, you cannot afford to lose candidates to other companies.

Your ATS Is Not Mobile Responsive

Today, it is rare that an Applicant Tracking System is truly mobile responsive (excluding the SourceMob Mobile ATS).  Perhaps you have several more years invested on your ATS contract.  Therefore, a solution that is plug and play is needed to enhance your current ATS to create the necessary mobile-responsive candidate experience.


The SourceMob MDA fully integrates with your APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM, no matter which ATS you are currently using.  Now your mobile-responsive job information and application data can integrate seamlessly with your ATS.  The MDA also integrates seamlessly with all SourceMob Social and Community Recruiting Solutions, providing a cost-effective, one-vendor recruiting solution suite.

Candidate Experience

A better candidate and recruiter experience will also result in more applications.  Your jobs, job categories, SEO keywords and descriptions as distributed from your ATS and are cleanly displayed on your branded mobile-responsive pages for ease of use. Candidates and your recruiters can access your job pages from social media, your career website, mobile phones or email and text links.  The candidate application form is also mobile-responsive and customized to your requirements.

Adaption for All Devices

Our MDA supports all mobile, desktop, and laptop devices.  The technology senses if the applicant is using an iPhone, an Android, a tablet, a laptop or desktop computer and it will literally reposition the pages and data automatically to optimize the candidate experience for their specific device.

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