Social Media Recruiting Trends or Suggestions

Posted on November 28, 2012 by Harvey Clay/Eximer

Clicks vs Click-throughs; Social Media Recruiting

Eximer has been working with SourceMob to maximize our Social Media Recruiting strategy.

We would love to see comments from Recruiters and from IT Professionals related to Job Posting and Job searching using Social Media.

Our internal Resume database / ATS has a feature which promotes our job postings to a few Job Aggregators, such as and While this has some effect in getting our message out to the Jobseeker community, we are a small fish swimming in a very large pond, and our job postings get lost quickly among the hundreds of other job postings listed daily on these big Boards.

SourceMob built a Career Center Landing Page for Eximer Staffing and they have incorporated our Social Media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) to broadcast job postings and industry related articles to our small but growing Network of IT professionals, Friends, and Followers.

The analytics provided by SourceMob let us know that a healthy number of people are visiting our various websites, but only a small percentage are clicking all the way through the Career Center to Apply for the advertised jobs. We are polling Applicants about their experience and trying to minimize the clicks and maximize the “user-friendly” nature of the Job Application process.

If you have applied for a job online, or if you are a Recruiter using an online Job Board or Social Media site, please feel free to comment on your experience.

We have seen all of the intel and we agree that Social Media Recruiting is one of the hottest current trends for the Employment / Staffing market. We have taken steps to position ourselves as an early adopter and we are analyzing the results as they come in. For the Jobseeker reading this article, please let us know if you have reviewed or applied to jobs you saw advertised on Social Media sites. For the Recruiter (Corporate or Agency) reading this, please let us know if you have taken steps to build your Social Media presence and how your process may differ from ours. The hyperlinks in this article will take you to our various Social Media websites and to our Career Center. Please look around and let us know if you find it to be appealing and user friendly. ( or if it’s not! )

You can also start the process by clicking on the Career Center page here:

For those looking to partner with an Industry Leader in building and promoting Social Media Brands and Career Centers, we recommend Jeffery Giesener and SourceMob.