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Jeffery Giesener

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Jeffery founded SourceMob in 2010 after first creating the core SourceMob platform technology for the Daily Deals space.

As Chief Executive Officer, he has been the visionary leader steering the growth of the company and providing leadership for our talented team of Salespeople, Technologists, Social, Mobile and Internet Marketers, PR and Operations Professionals.

SourceMob’s mission is to help educate the Industry and its professionals in the areas of Social, Community, Web and Mobile Recruiting. We are a leader in our space with over 1500 clients. You can enjoy our educational Webinars all shown in the Events Section of the Website. Jeffery is best known for presenting these Webinars, his blog posts (please sign up on the home page) and through his daily LinkedIn Pulse Posts. Please use this invitation to connect with Jeffery on LinkedIn. Also he would welcome your participation in our LinkedIn Social and Mobile Group.

In his past he has been the CEO/President or SVP for some of the largest companies in the digital space including DoubleClick, PaulFredrick.com, and HarrietCarter.com. He has both public and private company CEO experience.

Jeffery is a technology visionary, nationally acknowledged Thought Leader in eCommerce, Social, Analytics and Mobile marketing, authoring a weekly newsletter which 30,000 Human Resource executives read monthly.

Jeffery conducts our SourceMob Inner Circle Classroom and for a select group of clients does monthly consulting.