Conversations and engagement with your candidates are key drivers to Social Talent Acquisition. Using SourceMob’s unique and proprietary SourcePools Conversational Social Recruitment solutions allows your Candidates (both Passive and Active) along with your Recruiters to engage in conversations before they need to complete the arduous and often painful application process.

SourcePools streamlines the entire Talent Community acquisition process and provides easy to use online conversational tools for your Candidates and Recruiters alike to remain connected with each other. All conversations are within one-click and fully databased and searchable by any number of social connecting points.

SourceMob Talent Community

Now have your Candidate data all within your finger tips and searchable with one click of your mouse. Keywords, Conversations and physical and electronic information is captured and available by Job Category, Location, Conversations and just about any other searchable requirement you would want. Talent Community data is fueled by Candidate Direct and SourcePools Conversations plus you own Candidate data.