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Social Exchange…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Social conversation is a buzzword that has been around since 2004 when Facebook opened its doors. Over the last year or so, many talent acquisition organizations have started to invest in social candidate acquisition but have you thought about leveraging your employee social networks to drive candidate applicant flow?

Now is the time to learn how to solicit your employee’s assistance to scale your external social network recruiting connections. The result: your employees will drive exponential growth of your candidate communities. It will also assist in the development of 1:1 recruiter to candidate engagement while keeping your career posts in front of candidates and their friends many of whom are passive and unknown to your recruiting efforts.

Here are several tips: One of the best ways to socially engage with candidates who are interested in following your careers is to first leverage your employees and their combined social networks.

Over my career, I have looked at candidate lead generation programs all of which assume to capture potential candidate’s leads but almost all of them do it without the permission of the candidate. However all of these lead generation programs are struggling in today’s world of permission marketing.

Unfortunately did you know that these “Old School” Lead Gen acquisition tactics are actually are dinging your recruiting brand and worse turning off your top candidates?

Here are some clues to look for:

  • Are you gaining permission from your potential candidates to call, email or notify them of your jobs before you do so? By the way, searching and then cold emailing or cold calling candidates sourced on any social channel is not permission marketing.
  • Are you letting candidates decide what career content they would like to see from you and from wher
  • Are you forcing candidates back to your career site:
  • Are you requiring emails before showing your careers?
  • Are you forcing candidates to sign into your ATS before seeing your career postings?
  • Are you making it almost impossible for candidates to apply to your jobs from a mobile device?

Trusted Social Engagement

Having your employees and candidates develop trusted social engagement for your companies recruiting efforts is the new permission marketing approach to talent acquisition. Now when candidates give you permission you can have conversations with them wherever they are online, on social channels or through their mobile devices. Certainly this changes the recruiting pivot from “Old School” recruiting to “New School” HR Marketing.

Employee to candidate engagement is also considered to be the most reliable, honest, trustworthy and credible approach to permissioned-based candidate acquisition. These conversations spread like wild fire because there are now more than 4 Billion profiles on the key social networks. The results from these new permission HR Marketing efforts is better qualified and endorsed candidates, significantly lower recruiting cost and faster time to fill rates.

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Now is the time to rethink your old HR Marketing strategy…

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