Build a New LinkedIn Group

Name, Set Up Rules, Template, About Information, Logo Placement, Etc.

Group Management

3-4 Posts Per Week, Manage Member Requests, Approve/Reject Posts

$475 / Month
Group Invitations

Create, Send, and Manage; Price Based On Time And Quantity Of Send

$195 / Hour
Company Page
Careers Tab on Company Page

The page itself needs to be purchased from LinkedIn directly by Client

With Custom Banner
1-Hour Consultation (Required for All LinkedIn Services)

The one-hour consultation fee will be applied to the cost of the LinkedIn services if Client moves forward. Meetings are by phone.

$195 / Hour
Additional Consultation
$195 / Hour


Profile Rebuild
Resume Rebuild
Doing Both


Social Monitoring and Posting

Monitoring of your social career pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We will notify the designated party at the Client should we find comments from candidates or customers to take the desired action or post the appropriate response.

$575 / Month
Monitoring Talent Community

SourceMob can also monitor Candidate Conversations/Questions and respond as instructed by Client.

$425 / Month
Both Social and Talent Community Monitoring
$900 / Month


E-Mail Creative Purchased from SourceMob

Concept, branded design, writing, and encoding of campaign e-mails. All creative is to be approved by Client before sending. Each e-mail created may be used several times.

$1,375 for First Unique E-Mail
Additional E-Mail Creatives
$1,250 Each
Manage & Send Each Campaign w/ Analytics

E-Mails addresses from ATS, LinkedIn Connections, or other sources.

Prices will be determined for higher quantities.

Up to 10,000 Emails = $300 / Send


Campaign Management for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (Includes Campaign Set Up)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Budget
Recommended $500
An Agency Fee is added to any PPC Budget
15% of Pay Per Click Budget
Clients may choose which channels to start a one-month project:

We offer LinkedIn ad services that can target particular candidates by location, job titles, current companies or industries, interests, languages, schools, specific skills, group memberships, gender, and age.

10 hours of recruiting by our LinkedIn Expert is recommended in conjunction with the campaign at $195/hour

Our Twitter ad services can target specific candidates by geography, gender, languages, devices used, key words, followers, and interests. Additionally, you may also target advertisements on Twitter using your own e-mail lists.


On Facebook, we create campaigns that can target by location, age, gender, languages, interests and behaviors (like current job, current/companies/industries, etc.)

Google AdWords

Create a Google AdWords campaign. Targeted ads will direct your candidates to your career pages and job postings from Google and other websites that use AdWords advertising. Have your ads at the top of your candidates’ Google searches!

There is a $500 setup fee for setting up Google AdWords Campaign Management, in cluding research of best keywords and analytics
Campaign Management for Google AdWords (Includes Campaign Set Up, Research of Best Keywords, and Analytics)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Budget
Recommended $1,000
An Agency Fee is added to any PPC Budget
15% of Pay Per Click Budget
Other HR Marketing Services are available as well. Prices are customized.