“You’re Dead To Me”!

 HR ideas…from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob

On Shark Tank, ABC’s smash hit, Mr. Wonderful’s go-to line when he loses a deal to his colleagues is, “You’re Dead To Me.” It amazes me just how many colleagues I speak with who love this show just as much as I do. I even watch the re-runs on CNBC practically every night.

But did you know that the show is based on the worldwide television series format Dragons’ Den, which originally aired in Japan? (Source: Wikipedia)

For those who don’t watch the American version of the show, here is a brief synopsis: “Shark Tank,” an exciting reality show in its sixth season that gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true and become successful, and possibly wealthy, business people. But the entrepreneurs must first try to convince five tough, multi-millionaire tycoons to part with their own hard-earned cash and give them the funding they need to jump start their ideas. In these trying economic times, it’s difficult for an individual possessing a dream or even a working small business poised for growth to get a loan for a risky venture.”

For those of you who would like to know Kevin Oleary’s background (Mr. Wonderful): O’Leary established a software company in the basement with his mother provided seed investment capital of $10,000, which he used to start software publisher SoftKey. Softkey products typically consisted of software intended for home audiences. By 1994, Softkey had become a major consolidator in the educational software market, acquiring no fewer than 60 rivals.

In 1995, Softkey acquired The Learning Company (TLC) for $606 million, moved its headquarters to Boston, and took The Learning Company as its name. TLC bought its former rival Brøderbund in June 1998 for $416 million. In 1999, TLC and its 467 software titles were acquired by Mattel. Sales and earnings for Mattel soon dropped, and O’Leary departed from Mattel. The purchase by Mattel was later called one of the most disastrous acquisitions in history. (Source: Wikipedia)

Now why am I writing all about Shark Tank and Mr. Wonderful in a blog that is about Talent Acquisition and recruiting? Good question. Because in today’s competitive world of finding talent, especially in niche positions, it certainly feels like a shark tank for recruiters out there. Why? Well that is partly because the best talent has switched the shark tank on recruiters. And I have been saying the same for several years now. Your most talented and nice candidates are behind the desk waiving the money (meaning their human capital) back at you. If you haven’t felt this you will, as the job market tightens over the next two years due to economic expansion. You as recruiters are now only in the bidding seat hoping to close a candidate deal.

So how do you create your own deal-making machinery?

  1. Get your hiring manager much more involved in the recruitment and closing process of the turn-key hiring process.
    1. STOP having them passively standing on the sidelines expecting you, as a recruiter, to do all of the work. In today’s economy this is no longer an option for you or the hiring manager.
    2. Expecting recruiters to fill the pipeline is just no longer an option without the hiring manager’s assistance.
    3. Have the hiring manager create a short easy-to-execute hiring video (can be done on a smart phone and loaded to YouTube) so candidates (many passive ones) can see why they should choose to join your organization and get a sense of what is in it for them and who they will be working for.
  2. Get your employees involved in your hiring. Top candidates want to know who they will be working with and what the company culture is like.
    1. None of your employees want to pick up the heavy workload that results from missing important team members.
    2. As a result, they want to assist your recruiters and source the very best talent for their team. Provide opportunities for employees to use video, chat or other referral tools, especially social and mobile sharing.

So isn’t now the time to prevent the “You’re Dead To Me” syndrome directed at you and your hiring manager by your candidates? Jump on WFIM or “What’s In It For Your Candidate” and why should they come to your organization.

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