Why work with ShoppeSimple?

Ever have a radio you couldn’t turn off? That’s advertising in our world today. It’s interruptive and annoying. It clutters up in-boxes and mail boxes, computer screens and TV screens. And it’s largely ineffective. To defend against this advertising assault, consumers arm themselves with email spam filters, pop-up blockers, TiVo, and do-not-mail and do-not-call lists. Consumer advocacy groups lobby for more privacy regulation with increasing intensity. But merchants in 2008 spent $136.8 billion* annually to reach consumers with their messages, 95% of which fall on deaf ears. Online advertising reached a record high in 2009 at $24.5 Billion according to eMarketer and it is expected to grow to $28.2 billion in 2013 — and yet, this form of advertising still continues to assault the consumer with the assumption that a simple search is a request for advertising.

ShoppeSimple delivers the answer. Known and used by as many as 150 million people according to 2009 Razorfish FEED study, ShoppeSimple lets people choose the  products and offers from the merchants they want to hear from multiple times a day, 365 days a year. The service to the consumer is relevant, free, anonymous and private.
ShoppeSimple is a Social Engagement firm that delivers targeted and relevant communications directly to consumers
who have preselected themselves to receive them. Our targeted communication tools strengthen customer relationships and drive more online traffic.

Bottom line: ShoppeSimple increases direct to consumer sales revenue and profits