Why TransactionalRSS Works For Client After Client

A post from Jeffery Giesener- CEO of RSSCheck, parent company of ShoppeSimple.com

Since RSSCheck began, client after client, across industry and product categories has seen results like 25% new to files, 30% increase in average order value and a 25-50% lower Cost per Order.

You may be skeptical of these numbers. How can something so new work so well and so fast?

We believe the answer is that that many e-commerce businesses have been missing consumer signals for quite awhile now.  A significant subset of your file is already using social media tools like RSS, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and mobile texting.  These consumers want to control their online shopping, privacy and digital rights.  And they do not want email spam.

Look for the answers in your e-commerce key indicators.  What is your email opt-out rate? Multiply that number by the millions of monthly emails you send out.  The result may well indicate that a huge number of your consumers are tired of receiving email from you.  What does this say about consumer behavior on a host of other levels?

Email might seem cheap and effective.  But look at your email response rate chart over the past two years — what does it say about the success of your email investment?  Look at your homepage bounce and shopping cart abandonment rates — what do they say about site stickiness and your overall the online shopping experience you deliver?

The consumer is saying that they want more control over their interactions with you — something more satisfying than an email and an “Unsubscribe” link.

We created RSSCheck to solve these issues.  Our new online Social Media Tools give consumers the control they demand.  With RSSCheck, consumers opt-in — they get communications when, where and how they want them.  And those communications are always relevant.  RSSCheck’s TransactionalRSS tools represent a paradigm shift in e-commerce marketing that is winning over consumers in category after category.

With RSSCheck, you give respect to this subset of your file using RSS, Twitter, MySpace Facebook and mobile texting.  As a result, they give you permission to speak to them several times a day, 365 days a year. There is no upfront cost, and our clients are making more money within 10 days.  That is why we can deliver the results we do.

Now the choice is clear:  sit back and watch response rates implode and marketing expenses skyrocket.  Or, test something new and different with zero risk and no upfront cost. For more information check out RSSCheck.com


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