What the Plunge in the Dow Can Teach Talent Acquisition Pros?

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob.com

A 20 percent drop in stock prices on the Dow indicates the market is in an Bear Market.

Having spoken to many recruiting organizations, I challenge that most organizations are also in a Bear Market position today. Why?

  • Because they are unwilling to change.
  • They are hunkering down.
  • They lack leadership to create a Zoom Loop experience for their department.
  • They do not consider the candidate experience over the recruiter experience.
  • They lack any mobile pages or mobile apply
  • Most are blind to the fact that recruiting is changing and changing fast.

Since 2002, when LinkedIn opened its doors, and 2004, when Facebook started its operations, most recruiting departments still are well behind in the use of social and mobile recruiting. They are in their own Bear Market and candidates, especially the top ones — who can frankly work wherever they would want to — know it.

But why are Talent Acquisition Departments in a such a Bear Market state? Do they think two years from now “Old School” recruiting techniques of the past will be back and enjoyed by candidates? Boy they couldn’t be more wrong.

The Dow’s correction over the last couple weeks indicates that the smart Wall Street traders are taking their gains and waiting for another buying opportunity. But fundamentals of the banking systems here in the US frankly do not support a further drop into a domestic recession. So many on Wall Street indicate this is just a short-term correction, and although it may not be the right time to invest in the market, it has always been tried and true not to sell on these dips. History supports that people who did not sell or make irrational moves based on fear had incredible gains over a long-term basis in the stock market. Just look at the crash of 2008 as an example.

But what have your gains been in the Talent Acquisition Market since 2008?

  1. Have you been recruiting more candidates today than last year?
  2. Has it been easier or harder than in the past to attract your niche tough-to-find talent?
  3. Are you tied to big-iron Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which as you mostly know are inflexible and expensive? How do you pivot from this position?
  4. Can your Career Site and Job pages be seen on a mobile device?
  5. Do you currently enable candidates to mobile apply? Today, not next year?
  6. Do you segment your audiences into Talent Communities and enable Career Alerts?
  7. Do you have conversation on–demand tools to talk with with candidates who are on your Career Pages?

If you are like most companies we speak with – unfortunately, yes, you are in a Bear Market recruiting position.

But it isn’t challenging to make a change and turn your Talent Acquisition Bear Market from a “Doom Loop into a Zoom Loop.”Why not stop looking in your rear view mirror and instead, look forward and determine what is needed to recruit talent in the 2015 and 2016 sourcing market?

SourceMob can help you move your recruiting into the Age of Now and away from your Bear Talent Acquisition Market. We will accomplish this for you in as little as 60 to 90 days. You will then have a complete social, web, talent community engagement, social analytics/monitoring and HR Marketing service solution, without the need of your IT or HR departments heavy lifting implementation efforts. Your SourceMob solutions will also run basically on auto-pilot and drive your talent acquisition into bullish new-found success. Plus we 100 percent guarantee to provide your with more HR brand exposure and lower your overall recruiting apply costs. Take us up on our guarantee and you won’t be sorry. It is why we have a 96 percent client retention rate.

So to maximize the unique benefits of Social and Mobile Recruiting done right, give SourceMob a call to learn about how you can deploy Social and Mobile Recruiting, HR Analytics and HR Marketing Services. All these custom solutions will lower your cost per apply and get more passive candidates to fit within your culture long term. We have seen the success of social recruiting cutting the cost of apply as much as 50 percent of traditional recruiting.

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