What Stays in Las Vegas…ideas from ShoppeSimple Network

Would you bet $3,000 dollars on a new advertising channel which will get (no could) $53,000 in incremental business in less than 30 days? Having been in Vegas, it dawned on me that perhaps their tagline line “What Stays In Vegas” is a good one for Vegas but having sat in sales meeting after sales meeting, keeping secrets in the online space doesn’t benefit any of us.

In fact, all of us who make a living in this industry need to have open minds to new ways of thinking that can drive new Social and Mobile Commerce revenue.

Your invited to our Webinar scheduled for March 23rd at 2 PM ET Entitled: How To Tap The Power Of Your Consumer.

I would take this week’s blog post and discuss how The ShoppeSimple Networks is changing the face of online advertising and share with you the fact that these ideas are working for our clients and we want them to work for your business as well.

Additionally we are also not here to tell you we are going to replace what you are already doing in Social and Mobile, quite the contrary, our programs will enhance your consumer social/mobile marketing efforts. If you do not yet have a Social or Mobile marketing program The ShoppeSimple Network can provide you with one in less than 10 days.  Our overall program/service offering can be done without implementation cost or the use of your IT resources.   You will be up and running with your own Social and Mobile Commerce program — one that has proven to work regardless of client or industry.

I will also point out the differences between The ShoppeSimple Network and our competitors and before we are done I sense you will have a better understanding of the power of The ShoppeSimple Network.

As the Leader in the Social and Mobile space, and unlike Vegas where the secrets stay in Vegas, I will tell you our secrets. I am going to reveal the “Secret Sauce” that will drive your new Social and Mobile Commerce revenue, or enhance it and we will prove it to you within 30 days or you don’t pay us.

So first let’s lift up The ShoppeSimple Network hood and give you 3 client success stories from January 2011. I have purposely picked these e-merchants so it would be easier for you to create direct linkage to your business. I have also included Key Performance Indexes (KPI) and picked a slow month so you can scale the opportunity for your business.

Client #1: According to Compete.com our client, a female giftware company, had 52,000 unique visitors to their website in January 2011. They did $53,000 dollars, 616 orders with an increase of 38% in average order through The ShoppeSimple Network. This equates to $1.01 of revenue for every unique visitor to their website in the month. The cost of their program is $4,000 per month.

Client #2: Client doesn’t have an analytic package because they are small, so they use our ShoppeStats program for their tracking purposes. As such, they had 1,800 visitors to their branded ShoppeHub page and these visitors provided $16,093 of revenue in January to the client.  That is $8.94 in revenue per unique ShoppeHub visitor. The cost of the program for them is $3,000 per month.

Client #3: Client had 5,228 visitors to their branded ShoppeHub and these visitors provided $45,000 of revenue in January to the client. That is $8.67 in revenue per unique ShoppeHub visitor. The cost of the program for them is $4,000 per month.

So what exactly is the “Secret Sauce” that will make your business velocity really scale like the examples above when you join The ShoppeSimple Network?

First let me tell you what we are not….

  • We are not a technology solution. Over time you may have heard IT people say they can build solutions like this internally. Frankly for 25 years, I have heard IT Managers tell me this too. Heck, what IT person doesn’t think they can build anything and everything internally? Of course, there is always a build or buy decision tree. There is always an endless queue of IT projects and decisions around ROI, which ones get built and when. But we always know that objections like these get raised when looking at any third party solution and it is an appropriate objection that we overcome very easily.

  • Here is why: IT departments just can’t replicate the non-IT nature of our marketing services solution. Yes…they can try like Walmart, BestBuy, Target and others have done but they have all failed or not optimized the opportunity available to them. Why? Because they fail to get The ShoppeSimple Network consumer experience right. This is exactly a key major point of differentiation between your internal IT team’s answer and The ShoppeSimple Network.

More to the point, can your IT department deliver a total turn-key social and mobile solution in 10 days or less that costs an affordable monthly cost of $1,000—7,500 per month? If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t bet your money on it.

So who is The ShoppeSimple Network and exactly what do we do so well?

I am sure you have asked your friend for a recommendation on where to eat, get your hair done, shop for a handbag? Of course you have and frankly it is the preferred way you would want to buy. Getting a trusted third-party referral creates buying behaviors. It’s also less risky and fun to engage in shopping conversations with your friends and family. It is also proven that testimonials from friends drive sales.

Well, this is the essence of what drives the The ShoppeSimple Network experience. We provide a bridge between your consumers and the sharing of your content/offers with their trusted friends on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and mobile texting lists. We are essentially the conduit, which facilitates buying and sharing of your content.

So when your consumer enjoys buying your brand they want to talk a lot about you to their friends and family and the result is a Social and Mobile Loyalty program that brings you new customers, increases buying frequency and increases your average order. We do all of this through an elegant suite of marketing services tools, which we provide your business.

Our Secret Sauce…

Ø  We let your consumer control the content they want to see and where they want to see it on any social community and mobile smartphone including iPads and Tablets.

Ø  We don’t Push products at consumers. Consumers Pull, Place, Buy and Share your content/offers. Essentially we deliver your content to wherever your consumers are.

Ø  We protect your data and your Privacy Policy as all of your transactions and credit card information are kept on your site.

Ø  Your consumer stays anonymous and has a fun and safe shopping experience until they are ready to buy.  Their data also remains safe.

Ø  Since you have your consumer’s permission they allow you to communicate with them everyday of the year with content they want to know about.

So the short story about The ShoppeSimple Network —and it is worth repeating— is that we have created a simple and easy way for consumers to carry on social and mobile conversations with their favorite brands.

The ShoppeSimple Network program is built entirely for your business in less than 10 days with absolutely no implementations fees. You just pay  an affordable monthly subscription fee and if the program doesn’t make sense after you try it FREE for a month you easily disconnect and that’s it. It’s guaranteed.

So why not let us personally show how you can reach a new level of listening, engaging and have new Social and Mobile conversations with your consumer on The ShoppeSimple Network. We know you will see what our other clients have seen…  new Social and Mobile incremental revenue.

To learn more, let’s set up a personal phone visit to learn more. Just drop me a reply to this email or phone me at 612-349-2740.



PS: If you could bet $3,000 and get a guaranteed 30% return in a month would you do it?