What Job Seekers Want…

The recent Candidate Behavior Study, a survey of 5,518 job seekers and 2,775 hiring managers in the US highlights the disconnect between what candidates expect during the job search process and what employers deliver.

The Study Shows Employers What Job Seekers Want

Key findings of the report were:

  1. Your careers site and hiring process must be mobile optimized if you are to attract top talent, according to these stats.
  • 65 percent of workers who search for jobs via mobile devices will leave a web site if it is not mobile-optimized; 40 percent walk away with a more negative opinion of the company.
  • At least half of job seekers with mobile devices spend three hours or more looking for jobs via those devices every week (49 percent on smart phones and 59 percent on tablets)
  1. Employer brand and reputation are more important then money when attracting talent 
  • 68 percent said they would accept a lower salary if the employer created a great impression through the hiring process; the challenge here is 29 percent of job seekers don’t think employers do a good job of reinforcing why their companies are a good place to work.
  • Job seekers also said they would accept a lower salary if the company had exceptionally positive reviews online (67 percent) or if the company had a lot of positive press recently (65 percent).
  1. Employer brand is everything 
  • Nearly half (46 percent) of workers said a company’s employment brand plays a very big role in their decision to apply for a job within the organization; another 45 percent say it plays somewhat of a role
  • Think what’s it for the candidate

4. Candidates feel like they are being ignored 

  • 62 percent of job seekers don’t feel the companies they have applied to have been responsive.
  • Don’t allow candidates to fall into your Applicant Tracking System “black hole”.
  • When was the last time you engaged with your Talent Communities. How did you do it?

5. Candidates and workers want flexible schedules

  • 72 percent of workers said it’s important that a company offers flexible schedules when they are deciding whether to take a position.
  • 44 percent said it’s important that the company provide telecommuting options.

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Source: CareerBuilder Research Study