What is your 2013 Mobile recruiting strategy?

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob.com – CEO

Did you know over 70% of active job seekers are currently using their mobile devices to search for jobs? (according to the 2013 Mobile Recruiting Outlook by Simply Hired)

Wow are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. At SourceMob we are seeing similar numbers across all of our clients. Plus, our clients are getting better-qualified applicants and hires from candidates using mobile.

The Simply Hired report goes on to identify more reasons why everyone is ditching the PC for the phone/Tablet. While at work, those who are miserable and want to look for jobs on their lunch break, can’t because of a company’s PC firewall and/or fear of IT folks poking around in their browser history.

So job seekers are using their private mobile phones to browse job boards and career sites at work and at home.

Mobile optimized sites also tend to be a lot easier to navigate than job boards. Fewer ads, less clutter and a simplified interface make them more user-friendly.

Did you know in 2012 that three out of ten job seekers have applied for a job directly on their mobile or device?

So what are your mobile apply metrics? Do you know?

Another reason people apply for jobs on their phone is because they are always on or by their phone. Just ask any of the 114 million people who own smartphones.

According to the survey, almost 87% of job seekers said they would use their phone to search for jobs. About 55% percent said they like to receive job alerts via text message, while 45% would gladly use their phone to track a job application.

For employers, that’s a wake up call.

Job seekers are telling employers, “I want to see your jobs on my mobile phone.” The report shows this with the data that 72% of job seekers want to get career opportunities on their mobile. Also, almost 85% of job seekers think every company should have a mobile-friendly site – not just the big companies.

If companies want to keep their workforce freshly stocked with the best talent, they will need to make sure millennials (currently over 70 million) get a seat at the table. According to the report, by 2018, this generation will make up 50% of the workforce. Millennials are currently heavy social media users and are trending towards using smaller, more portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to satisfy their technological appetites.

In stark contrast to this demand is the supply side of mobile. Only 7% of employers have a mobile version of their career site, while a mere 3% have a mobile “direct job apply”, Simply Hired reports.

The takeaway from this report is that you should have developed mobile-optimized sites yesterday. If you haven’t already started, you should be in the process. Once you’ve developed a site that allows candidates to “direct apply,” track their application, and share jobs through mobile, you will have an essential component of your recruiting established, all the while providing a consistent brand message.

Let SourceMob show you how you can use our Mobile ATS DirectApply along with our other mobile solutions or how to integrate mobile with your current ATS.

Or if you are not happy with your current ATS, let SourceMob’s ATS integrate with our full suite of web-based, mobile and social recruiting tools for a complete recruiting solution for your needs. For more information and a demo, simply email me at jeff@sourcemob.com or ring me us at 612-349-2740.



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