Walking In Your Candidate Shoes

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob.com – CEO

Brands everywhere are missing an opportunity to use the power of social and mobile in the way it was intended. Gone are the days of old school one-way marketing approaches that connect brands to consumers in disjointed ways. Now instead, we have the opportunity to use social and mobile to build two-way connections with consumers in real-time.

This reality is underscored by a 2012 study by Conversocial showing 50% of people would no longer consider buying a brand that didn’t respond to their feedback on social media. However, in a study by Maritz published in 2011, 83% of people who did get a response from a brand after a complaint said they loved that the company responded.

What a missed opportunity. If you simply respond, you are likely to get a brand advocate. Not responding will cost you customers.

Now let’s pivot this discussion and point it to the experience of your candidates. The number one complaint we hear from candidates about company recruiting practices is their lack of responsiveness to Applies. Candidates in too many cases feel their Applies are falling into a cyber black hole and worse, on deaf ears.

Here are a few more examples of what we hear from candidates:

  • A company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is difficult to navigate
  • Online applications take too long to complete
  • I don’t want to provide my email before I even see jobs
  • Recruiting solutions time-out while I am in the middle of filling out the application
  • Applies on mobile do not work and are near impossible to complete

What is your Candidate Experience?

Have you ever completed your own Applicant Tracking Solutions (ATS) process? Have you every applied on a mobile or Tablet platform? What was your experience?

Have you seen your page-by-page ATS statistics and then tried to optimize your recruiting technology to improve your candidate experience?

Do you even know what is the candidate defection rate from your ATS Apply process?

Is your recruiting cost increasing?

Funny (actually not so funny), you are paying tons of recruiting ad dollars (whether through your internal recruiting expenses, funding outside recruiters or spending on jobs ads) to get prospective candidates to your Apply pages, but do you know how many candidates actually enter your Apply funnel? How many candidates simply melt away for all of the above reasons and more?

What do you think is the ramification of all of the above to your brand? When are you going to say, “Enough is enough!”

Just imagine if you did know your key performance indexes (KPI’s), you would immediately begin to manage a new level of efficiency in recruiting and at lower costs. You would also reduce your time to fill rate.

What metric can do for you?

If you had a turnkey social intelligence platform that could deliver KPI, you would know exactly how and where to optimize the candidate experience within your recruiting process.

The candidate experience for your brand starts on your corporate and social (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile) career pages and then leads directly into your hiring process. Fall down in any of these areas and you will be missing a huge opportunity to drive top talented candidates to your business and net them.

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