Top 10 Android Apps for Your Job Search

By Isaac Bullen

On this blog we recently featured a brilliant post which highlighted iPhone apps that aid job seekers out there, this post highlights apps for the competing Android operating system!

Job seekers need every bit of help they can get to navigate today’s difficult job market. The economy is in the doldrums, and the employment landscape is extremely competitive. As you know the old days of grabbing the newspaper, looking up the “Help Wanted” or employment classified ads and simply placing a phone call to set up an appointment for a job interview are few and far between.

A modern-day search for employment involves a lot more than just scanning the job boards and submitting a resume. Potential employers, recruiters and human resources departments know exactly who they are looking for. They are looking for individuals who pay special attention to detail on their job search. Hiring managers can tell if a job applicant has done his or her homework about the company and the position they are applying for.

Tech-savvy job hunters already know that the Internet is a vast depot for job vacancies, yet there is no central job repository or clearly established protocol for conducting a job search. The job application process these days demands different strategies and plans of action. Some of the new paradigms that job seekers must adopt include online social networking and instant availability.

Thanks to the proliferation of Internet-connected smartphones, job seekers can now take their job search on the road and be immediately notified of the results their efforts are bringing. A smartphone powered by the Android mobile operating system can be transformed into a powerful job hunting device with the right applications. From resume writing tools to interview tips and from networking to organizing, the following Android apps will help you get the job you deserve:

1. LinkedIn

The premier online social networking platform for business professionals is an absolute must for all job hunters. LinkedIn is the only social network that truly connects employers and recruiters with job applicants. Hiring managers conducting a background search may want to spy your Facebook page, but serious employers will really consider the social worth you’ve amassed on LinkedIn.

2. Best Resume Tips

That old staple of the job search process, the resume, is still one of the most important factors when it comes to landing a job. Sticking to a single resume for all applications is not recommended; job seekers should keep different versions of their resume handy and be able to quickly modify them as needed. The Resume Tips app is a great pocket reference guide to remind resume writers not only about the golden rules, but also savvy tips and warnings.

3. Job Search by

The most widely downloaded job search app in the Android marketplace aggregates and organizes millions of job openings that can be searched intuitively.

4. Monster Job Search

Monster has been one of the premier Internet job boards since the early days of the dot-com revolution. The Monster Android app has many exclusive listings not found anywhere else, and it allows job seekers to instantly apply for a job with just a couple of screen taps.

5. LinkUp Job Search Engine

With so many applicants for each vacancy, several companies choose to keep their job openings on their own corporate websites instead of listing them on an Internet job board. LinkUp’s Job Search Engine allows users to search and apply for these discreetly posted openings by category, company, keyword, or location.

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