To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question

It comes as no shock that social media has staked it’s claim in the area of Talent Acquisition marketing. Businesses have found a new opportunity to spread their message and reach new audiences in their field using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. How many times have you heard the phrases, “Like us on Facebook”, or “Follow us on Twitter?” The truth is, this interaction is becoming the way of the world. But one aspect of social networking that is being neglected by some businesses is the power of a well-written blog.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, there are over 9 million blogs on the Internet at any given time, with 40,000 new accounts being generated everyday. Blogs are an influential tool that can be used to boost a business’s career site to the next level.

So how do blogs help Talent Acquisition? According to The Social Skinny, blogs are apart of the social media network, which currently holds 2.8 billion profiles worldwide.  Blogs are not just a fad. In fact, 4 out of 5 Internet users visit social networks and blogs, and 50% of people will follow the Companies they prefer on a social media site. Companies that do choose to indulge in blogs are seeing the benefits. Companies that decide to blog see 55% more web traffic and have 97% more inbound links than companies that do not blog.

Corporate Blogging is a social networking device that can be used to communicate news, share information, jobs, conversations and ideas. Your average blog will use text, images, links and video.

To blog or not to blog? That is the question. Social Media is not just a trend it is how millions interact with one another, and a blog is a great way to keep a connection with Candidates and stay connected with your key audiences. Blogs attract an audience and opens up a space where Candidates and companies are able to inform, interact and learn from one another. Blogs work to retain and energize your audience, while you build a trusting and familiar bond. Companies are able to respond to stories and customers and constantly grow a community of loyal brand followers. Blogging is also used as a recruiting tool to find contacts, employees, and consultants. A prodigious blog will also give your company a great brand, because you will have a great relationship with your consumers and are actually searched more on the Internet.

Arguably the best benefit of utilizing a blog on your site is its natural impact on your sites search engine performance.
How a well executed blog improves search engine performance:
• More indexed content, providing a larger keyword footprint
• Provides a URL structure, title system and content format with naturally occurring keywords
• Continually updated content makes for more frequent crawling by search engines
• Good content provides more opportunities for backlinks (other sites that link to your content )

A blog also allows a company to create instantaneous communication with a world wide audience. A single post will update the company site, RSS feed and even social media accounts upon creation. With quick communication over that many channels you are much more likely to acquire and maintain the attention with your audience.

Blogging is an important tool that should be used for a business in order to create more sales, and a better relationship with your consumers. Social Media is becoming the way of the world and companies that choose not to use all aspects are sure to be left behind in the future.

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