Tips to Kick Start Social Sourcing

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

What is Social Sourcing?

When Are You Starting Social Talent Acquisition?

Social Sourcing is exactly what it sounds like – recruiting for your business through various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, email and Mobile.

One lesson you may have already learned trying to source through Social, is that it can feel like finding candidate needles in a haystack. And if you are searching for Passive Candidates, it could feel like finding pins in a haystack mountain, not to mention the fact that social sourcing is not only about using LinkedIn exclusively to source candidates. There is so much more to the Social Sourcing space than just using LinkedIn or job boards.

As one of the leading Talent Acquisition solutions delivering Candidates through Social Sourcing, SourceMob helps you with not only with Social and Mobile Recruiting Solutions, but we also provide tips and consulting on how to build your Social Fan Base and attract your best and most talented Active and Passive Candidates.

Social Sourcing Is Not Online Marketing…

But FIRST, what you don’t want to do is treat social recruiting like traditional online marketing. Specifically, Social Sourcing is not about spraying a fire hose of unqualified job posts at your prospective candidates on their social networks. Or  about clogging up their social timelines with irrelevant job posts.

What it is all about is viewing your social recruiting efforts from the point of view of your candidates, to know what your candidates are experiencing when they apply for your jobs. Hmmm…Do you know what your apply defection rate is?

Effective Social Recruiting allows you to be much smarter with the help of the SourceMob Suite of Conversation and Engagement solutions. You will be in a position to source Passive Candidates easily and without the need of your IT resources, expense or your Talent Acquisition Teams recruiting muscle to do so. This is our “secret sauce” as we have built the SourceMob program to essentially work on autopilot.

Tips That Will Help Your Social Sourcing Efforts Overnight…

Be Social. Sounds obvious, right? Social means having conversations and engagement with people in your organization’s network and employees, not just your personal networks. Employees are the best source of social referrals for your open positions. And as a result they will enable you to lower your cost per hire. By keeping connected to employees who have permissioned you to deliver jobs to them and enabling them to share them within their own networks, you will increase your SourcePools™ (talent communities). They may know just the person who fits that job opening you just posted, and if they don’t – someone in their network might. Then when a job is sourced you will already have candidates who are in conversations with you.

Own The Mike. If you post on Facebook but nobody “Likes” your page, does it have an impact? If you are not monitoring your conversations what will your audience think about your social brand? If you are not into social engagement and conversation then what is your social point of view? SourceMob ties deep analytics with giving your HR Talent Acquisition Team knowledge on what exactly is happening on your Career Sites. Deploying our Enterprise Analytics is a smart and effective investment that can help your social ROI and quickly pay for itself.

Assert Yourself. Few people want to work for a business that lacks leadership, direction and a strong position in their industry. When entering into the social arena, take informed positions, share your knowledge, don’t just lurk, be a thought leader. By asserting your company voice you’ll find that your candidate response will dramatically improve when it comes to identifying who could be a great Passive Candidate and whether they’ll align with your culture.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific Talent Acquisition objectives. With that understanding we can begin to design a Social and Mobile Social Recruitment program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy.

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