Three Top Talent Acquisition Predictions for 2015

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Plenty of predictions are flying around this time of year for the future of the Talent Acquisition Recruiting space.

Did you know that in 2014 your candidates were all over Social and Mobile? Just look at these metrics published by

  • 92% of Companies were using a form of social recruiting in 2014.
  • 73% have successfully hired a candidate through social.
  • 43% of recruiters who use social recruiting saw an increase in candidate quality.

I also have a few predictions for what 2015 will bring to Talent Acquisition and suggestions for how to capitalize on these trends.

  1. Go Mobile Now: Just as businesses needed to follow their consumers as they moved from traditional marketing and onto the Internet, Talent Acquisition Pros must keep up with candidates moving from laptop to mobile. In fact, did you know that 10-25% of your candidates are increasingly using their cell phones and tablets to access career information and view jobs? Plus, this will only continue to scale with the steady sales growth of these devices that enable candidates to connect on the go. As potential candidates (especially passive ones) check out your jobs from the car pool lane or their favorite Starbucks on their 4G networks and Wi-Fi, a mobile-optimized website and efficient browser-based A high-quality candidate mobile experience can make or break your recruiting opportunity.
  2. Segmentation Rules:  There’s a new kid in town and his name is segmentation, a.k.a a more refined job category, localization option, and multi-brand unification for candidates customized search filters. This way a candidate can filter the jobs they want and permission only what is of interest to them. This enables a private way for you to reach passive candidates on their social and mobile channels of choice. Segmentation has always been the mainstay for traditional marketers, but Talent Acquisition Pros have just recently made its acquaintance. Your candidates, both active and passive, consume information across a wide spectrum of sources and channels, so you should be engaging them wherever possible. However, audiences across these varied channels are not homogenous. They don’t all share the same goals for the information they are interested in consuming or how, when or why it’s consumed and shared. So, letting your candidates customize their info and channels is essential in 2015.
  3. Your Content Is Your Candidates’ Friend: Good content is, and will continue to be, super important to your candidate hiring effectiveness. While most everyone agrees that fresh content and updates are valuable to his or her social recruiting efforts, Content Marketing Institute’s recent survey, “B2B Content Marketing,” showed that it can also be the biggest challenge for a business. The top content marketing companies reported challenges: creating enough content, creating engaging content, and creating a variety of content. With content securing it’s hold as a vital part of a solid social recruiting marketing plan, expect that these problems need to be addressed head-on in 2015. Top Recruiting Teams are already resourcing this content development internally or outsourced it.

At SourceMob, we have recently published a study and determined that most of the midcap to Fortune 1000 companies we speak with fall into the following five categories regarding Social and Mobile Recruiting. They are:

  • Just thinking about Social Recruiting but know how to start?
  • Have to convince management that social and mobile is a priority for recruiting today.
  • Capitulates to having marketing run their recruiting marketing program through the marketing on the social corporate channel pages.
  • Know they need to jump into Mobile now but do not have the right solutions in house.
  • Haven’t allocated funding to either social or mobile.

So which bucket does your Talent Acquisition Team fall into?

Let SourceMob consult with you to move your Talent Acquisition into Social and Mobile Recruiting in 2015. You’ll learn how to increase the quality of your candidates, find more candidates in niche job categories faster while lowering your overall Cost Per Hire. Just give me a call at 952-807-8364 or email me at for a virtual visit. Also check out our website at


ABOUT SOURCEMOB: SourceMob links Internet, social, talent community and mobile recruiting solutions to help talent acquisition professionals recruit the very best candidates for tough-to-fill positions. SourceMob software distributes job content and conversations providing a job posting springboard to over 3.5 million candidate profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and all of the major search engines. Our solutions also enable Mobile Quick Apply and candidate application management services to create efficiencies and lower recruiting costs.





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adapted from a post by Source: Imbounndify