The State of Social

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

The State of the Social Nation: (it’s not pretty…)

Below are 5 common problems facing employer brands. If you want to save money and efficiently attract top talent, your organization should start thinking about these issues today!

Candidate Defection.

Findings: Throughout the HR world, there are massive misunderstandings of career analytics and how to optimize the candidate user experience.

Consider this: What do your analytics tell you about your candidate defection? If you are like the companies we speak with, you have a 40-90 percent defection rate.
It is incredulous to me how companies are willing to accept these embarrassing numbers. Just imagine how many viable candidates are being passed over. Imagine how candidates view your brand and the damage that can be done when they criticize you on social media. There is a large cost behind these statistics. Large defection will negatively impact your budget and your time-to-fill rate.

Candidate Reform.

Findings: Social and mobile communication is not a one-way street.

Answer: There is a tidal wave of change that your talent acquisition team must be experiencing due to the fact that today’s candidates want to control the way they engage with recruiters. They want to determine the method of contact, where and when.

An increasing number of candidates are demanding that you follow a permission-based communication model, allowing them to passively follow your career posts and have 1:1 conversations with your recruiters. They no longer want to be identified by a job requisition user id. They want to have a “face” and connect directly with your talent acquisition staff.

To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

Findings: The use of Twitter and Google+ for career postings and conversations is low to non-existent for most talent acquisition teams.

Answer: The combination of Twitter and Google+ is the most significant – and overlooked – social opportunity for talent acquisition leadership today. Of course, Tweets fly by like jets dotting the globe and millions upon million of candidates circle their friends on Google+. The opportunity, however, is harnessing the power of Twitter and Google+ to find your candidates. I have yet to find a recruiting team that is using both effectively. Remember that there are more than 1.6 billion potential candidates using Twitter and Google+ today.

What is Your Mobile Recruiting Status?

Findings: Despite the rapid growth of mobile recruiting, many CHROs and their teams do not have a solid mobile recruiting plan.

Answer: Morgan Stanley indicates that by 2015, there will be more than 3 billion mobile connections. If your company blocks employee social media browsing in the workplace, mobile devices can provide a shortcut around this strategy. In fact, your employees are probably using their mobile devices to look for new jobs with your competitor.

Leverage Your Employee Referral Program …Socialize it!

Findings: How effective is your current Employee Referral Program (ERP)? What are your pain points when your current system breaks down?

Answer: If you don’t have an ERP, you should know that trusted referrals net more candidates. In fact, 27-40 percent of successful hires come from referrals in most organizations. If you are not at this metric, there is a huge opportunity for you to improve. Just think of what would happen if you put your current ERP program on social steroids. What if your employees could easily share your job opportunities on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ timelines? You would see a major increase in your candidate pipeline. This would especially impact your hard-to-fill positions.

Enter SourceMob – No Two Talent Organizations are Alike…

SourceMob is not a templated social, community and mobile recruiting solution. Our services include recruiting technology, consulting, analytics, and marketing, all of which are designed to deliver recruiting success to our clients. We do not simply provide the technology and let you figure out how to apply it. We properly customize our solutions to fit your business needs and help your Talent Acquisition team succeed.

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Jeffery Giesener
CEO – SourceMob