The Mobile Recruiting Train Has Arrived

It is no longer sufficient to talk how about how mobile phones which shape the recruiting industry over the next few years, without talking about the mobile paradigm shift that is taking place today. We all know the fascinating statistics about smart phone adoption with Nielsen reporting earlier this year that nearly 42% of US mobile users and 44% of European mobile subscribers now use smart-phones.

But it is the data that is beginning to emerge from recruiting sites which is of most interest to me and most illuminating for the recruiting process. For example, one of the UK’s top job aggregators, revealed that in 2010 only 2.8% of its traffic came from mobile devices, and in 2011 a mere 9.8% came from mobile device but in the month of July 2012 this figure has shot up to a massive 30% of their audience accessing their sites via mobile. As well as this, Oil and Gas research has reported a 139% increase in mobile traffic between June 2011 and June 2012. I am confident that most other job related sites are reporting similar trends.

At SourceMob our clients in 2012 are already seeing more than 10% of their Candidate traffic coming from Mobile and Tablet devices.