Telling Your Candidates Who You Are

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How are you letting your candidates know about your company?

For you, is it all about the basic mechanics of traditional recruiting, including sourcing leads, cold calling, emailing and then conversational recruiting?

Or Is There Another Way?

Blogging in the talent acquisition space is a new phenomenon. But it shouldn’t be overlooked. Candidates are very interested in learning about your company, and the future of recruiting is no longer only about firing jobs at candidates. In fact, candidates want to know about your culture, your values and what type of work environment they will feel comfortable in. They want to hear from your hiring managers and employees. They want to learn how they would see themselves working inside your company. Essentially, the bottom line is: Why should they work for your company?

Are you providing any of these answers on your recruiting pages and in your recruiting process? Where on your career website and social media career sites can they find these answers? Is there a HR value statement like, “what’s in it for your candidate?” And is it clearly articulated?

The key differentiated point I am making, is today’s candidates are increasingly interested in learning how they align with your business. I say this for specific reasons: It used to be that the candidate needed to align with your culture and values “to fit in,” but this is all changing in the world of web-based, social and mobile recruiting today. It used to be that candidates were forced to return to your site to view your jobs and hopefully your conversations.

Today’s candidates (passive and active) have the choice(s) to place themselves where they want to work. The want their relevant job conversations to come to them wherever they are online, in social and mobile. And one of the best ways a candidate can learn about your careers is through the use of social tools like a HR blog.

But I also hear from my clients and prospects alike, “How will I ever create and manage an HR Blog with all that is currently on my plate?” That is a great question. But should this challenge be considered an obstacle, or an opportunity? It is your decision to decide.

My recommendation is an HR Blog is one of the fastest ways for your organization to appear close to the top of the search results in Google Search and all the other key search engines — where by the way — your candidate in all probability starts their job search. When you know the new recruiting road map, blogging can drive you onto the superhighway of social recruiting.

Candidates enjoy engaging around two-way discussions with your recruiting team, and your blog content helps drive this. Plus, providing relevant content via a blog presents your business as an authority in your field. You own the “mike” in your industry.

Curated Content vs. Created Content?

First, let’s acknowledge that Content is King in today’s new recruiting strategy.

But don’t write about your company, write about topics that candidates are interested in. Answer FAQs, provide value and build a reputation as a business that cares about your Team.

Creating an effective talent acquisition blog strategy, curating and distributing content weekly, has proven to be an effective strategy for connecting to the best and most talented candidates who are looking to work for your business.

Why? Because you will quickly see the ROI around your efforts. We have seen having a blog for your candidates dramatically helps improve conversion rates of applies to hires, lowering your overall recruiting costs and spreading “world of mouth” around your brand.

I would just suggest testing blogging, and if you are like our clients, you will never look back.

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Playing Catch Up or Leading Your Industry?

Today It Is Your Choice To Decide!  

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