Talent Tips: Mobile HR Points

If you haven’t thought about implementing a mobile recruitment strategy, this article has some significant points that you must consider. 

First, ask yourself:

  • Do you understand how job seekers are using mobile devices to view and apply to your jobs?
  • Do you know how your competition is using the mobile web to find and engage your top talent?

According to a study by Potentialpark, only a small number of employers today have implemented mobile recruiting strategies like browser applications and mobile websites.

The study found that a healthy 19% of job seekers use their mobile devices for career-related purposes (and more than 50% of them could imagine doing so), yet only 7% of employers have a mobile-friendly version of their career website.

What exactly are job seekers looking to achieve on their mobile devices? They want to use their mobile phones for the following specific tasks, as illustrated in the data below.

When it comes to job hunting, what are candidates using their smartphones and Tablets for?

57%….Searching for jobs
51%….Receiving job alerts by mobile text/email
39%….Tracking their application status
39%….Reading about the hiring processes
33%….Contacting the recruitment team
30%….Applying for jobs
16%….Emailing job ads to friends
11%….Sharing content with friends on social networks