Talent Tips: Connecting with Top Talent

by Jeffery Giesener

Tip #1: Be Where Your Candidates Are       

You already know that top-tier candidates are more connected, engaged and empowered than ever before. What is rapidly changing, however, is that candidates also spend a large amount of time searching for jobs in social networks and on their mobile devices.  So if you want them to notice your company, you have to position your HR Marketing wherever your candidates are on the web (your career portal), on Indeed.com, on mobile, and through social portals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Tip #2: Stop Talking and Start Listening         

The best Talent Acquisition pros are amazing listeners. Top candidates today want a voice in their own recruiting. In fact, not only do they want a voice, they already have a voice that can broadcast positive and negative feedback about your HR brand. That means if you are not engaging candidates in two-way conversations on the web through social and mobile, they will go elsewhere (perhaps to your competition).