Steps To Stop Your Social Toast From Burning

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This week, I spoke to a conference of HR professionals. My talk was entitled “Is Your Social Toast Burning”. It was a really fun presentation and the interaction with the audience gave me an AHA moment or two.

The first was when I asked the room by a show of hands how many felt they their business was doing social and mobile recruiting well?

The answer was virtually no hands raised. Not Surprised!

I know you know that something in the last decade has changed in Talent Acquisition. What has happened? Unfortunately with all the economic pressures of 2000-present the Applicant Tracking Solutions (ATS) sold then and today are just not meeting the needs of candidates.

You just have to look at the staggering growth of mobile to realize that most of today’s company ATS’s do not even enable candidates to apply on their smartphone and Tablets.

As HR Executes we have frankly blown it! Destroyed the golden goose of the value of the ATS to our recruiting efforts and HR marketing. Why and how?

Well I will simply ask you (like I did them) a few questions and the answers will guide you to know how things are doing with your ATS. My hope is that you will also see something new that needs to be done to fix big gaps in your candidate ATS recruiting and apply efforts.

  1. Have your ATS applies been declining from qualified candidates?
  2. How have you continued to maintain connections and engagement with those highly qualified candidates in your ATS beyond your first acknowledgement email?
  3. What ATS pages are you loosing your candidates to defection?
  4. For percentage of mobile candidates are completing your ATS apply process? Do you even know?

I think as Talent Acquisition Pros we need to begin thinking about how to respect our candidate’s application experience. How to effectively upgrade our ATS to speak to web, social and mobile audience and take applies from all.

How to amplify your social and mobile program?

v  Have you ever thought about your Social Media program in terms of Employee Relationship Management?

v  Have you thought about using your current employees to AMPLIFY your job offers and conversations?

v  The result is a new candidate pipeline for you to tap. A new level of employee and candidate engagement.

If you haven’t, I would argue it is time to jump on your bike and begin peddling hard and fast. No recruiting department and for that matter company can continue to afford to churn up employee and candidate relationships. If you do your just asking to whither and die.

Along the path to Social Proof, which is the theory that people will do something when they see others doing it. Social Proof applies even more when these people are those that are similar to us. We often decide what to do (perhaps make a purchase or look for a job) based others are doing. It isn’t the only factor in our decision-making process but it is a key one. Social Recruiting and Social Proof are all tied to the sourcing hip.

Now additionally there is another trend in Social Recruiting and that is Social Sharing, “the broadcasting of our thoughts and activities. Social Sharing according to Harvard Business Review is part of a new more macro trend called ubiquitous sharing:

It’s not a fad it’s growing and growing. Social Proof and Social Sharing is a proven phenomenon.

• What are you doing?

• Where are you doing it?

• Who are you doing it with?

• What do you like?

• Who do you “Like”?

• Who are you “Following” and who are your

“ADVOCATES” (people who spread the message about you)

The result of Social Proof and Social Sharing is that quickly your employees and candidates will be having conversations with their “Trusted Referrals” AMPLIFYING your recruiting brand to their social and mobile connections and networks.

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