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As Facebook (at 1 Billion users), Google+ (400 Million users) and Twitter (over 200 Million users) continues to grow at their exponential social pace, the growth of candidates searching for jobs using their mobile smartphones and tablets is also exploding. In fact, every social platform is doing everything they can to attract and engage through mobile.

Facebook’s fourth quarter 2012 financial statement revealed some intriguing new stats. For the first time in Facebook’s history, the number of mobile daily active users surpassed the number of users checking Facebook via laptops or desktop computers.

Morgan Stanley also predicts that by 2015, there will be more than 3 Billion broadband connections.

Among U.S. adults who go online, 13% use Twitter — and more than half (54%) of these people access Twitter service with their mobile phone, according to research from the Pew Internet.

For those of you who have tuned into my blog messages, you are in a unique position to capitalize on a first mover advantage for your Talent Acquisition and your HR brand positioning by building mobile career micro-sites and distributing mobile job posts before your competitors wake up from their hibernation.

Skeptical about Mobile Recruiting?

For others who continue to be skeptical about mobile, have you looked around at the millennial generation, who in five years will be 50% of the work force? They would rather pay their cell phone bill than their rent bill. So now isn’t the time to ignore the fact that your candidates are already searching for your jobs on mobile smartphones and tablets.

Here is more food for thought if you are still sitting on the sidelines or reluctant to tiptoe into the mobile waters. Frankly, I only have to take you back a short 10 years where many HR pros said similar things:

  • Should I use internet job boards or job websites to source candidates?
  • I don’t want to or can’t cannibalize my recruiting process with an Internet job post.
  • My preferred candidates are too old and therefore either not online and/or won’t put their profile on LinkedIn.

Do you remember these discussions? Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday? So, are similar excuses preventing you from “getting in the mobile recruiting game”?

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