Social Sharing: The Next Big Thing

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

March 19, 2014

According to Harvard Business Review, Social Sharing is part of a new macro trend called ubiquitous sharing:

  • What are you doing?
  • Where are you doing it?
  • Who are you doing it with?
  • What do you like? Who do you Like? Who are you Following and who is Following you?

Sharing online used to be something that we did with only our closest friends and family members. With the growth of social media, however, we are willing to distribute messages to almost everyone.

Social Sharing is the broadcasting of our thoughts and activities. It’s not a fad. It’s flourishing. It’s an online phenomenon.

For further proof, just take a look at what Nielsen research says… Americans spend nearly a quarter of the time they’re on the Internet – about six hours a month – on social networking sites and blogs. That’s a quantum leap from a year ago and underscores the growing power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and mobile platforms to provide sharing opportunities for the Talent Acquisition industry. The research also reveals that U.S. consumers spend 36 percent of their time online communicating and networking across social media, blogs, email, and through direct messaging.

How is this information relevant to you HR pros? It’s simple… think of your candidates as your consumers.

The face of your social candidate audience is getting older. Nielsen reports that twice as many Americans over 50 visit social networks than those under 18.

Social Sharing is a sociological phenomenon
Let’s step back and ask the obvious questions:

  • What is your Social Sharing recruitment strategy?
  • How much time and expense will it take before your Social Sharing recruitment strategy is online?
  • How will you measure your Social Sharing recruitment success?

If you are struggling with any of the above answers, hold the thought. SourceMob will help you answer each them all. Read on…

Social Currency. Sharing acts as a form of currency. Many Talent Acquisition teams are quickly seeing the benefits of social recruiting. They are finding new candidate flow by netting mostly passive candidates from their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and mobile sourcing efforts. I am not saying social sourcing is easy. It isn’t, but if you know how and where to mine for candidates, you will hit a vein of gold.

Sharing is the new “giving.” It’s important to recognize that all of this sharing isn’t some useless impulse. There are reasons why people are willing to share so much. Creative expression is part of it, but there is often a mutual benefit and value to the individual or organization who shares.

Social Sharing, according to the Harvard Business Review, is a major behavioral shift, the most important of the 21st century. The information we choose to share with friends, coworkers and even strangers is redefining the idea of what is private and what is public.

Sharing is now a part of our social DNA. We are hardwired to cooperate and to share. If you and someone else fancy the same thing, you might offer to share it. Sharing isn’t like trading–you don’t have to give up something to get something in return. It is a way of getting along. Facebook did not invent sharing, they just exploited it.

You may be thinking – just how does SourceMob help us with effective Social Sharing and how do we get started?

You start by placing you career posts in front of your employee and candidate networks. Then your employees and candidates simply click on the permissioned-based Social Sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) and your content begins buzzing virally around the Internet. Not only is it buzzing, these Social Sharing referrals are tracked to the origin of the referring source (your employee or your candidate’s network). Do you have an employee referral program (ERP)? Imagine if you can connect your ERP program to your Social Sharing program. What combined leverage that will create! THAT is what SourceMob Exchange™ will do for your business.

A recent survey by Lightspeed Research reported that 61 percent of candidates polled said opinions, referrals and experience of other colleagues play a vital role when considering a career transition. SourceMob can help you build a Social Sharing recruiting program that will enable you to capture new candidate flow from all of the major social networks and mobile platforms.

Enter SourceMob – No Two Talent Organizations are Alike…

SourceMob is not a templated social, community and mobile recruiting solution. Our services include recruiting technology, consulting, analytics, and marketing, all of which are designed to deliver recruiting success to our clients. We do not simply provide the technology and let you figure out how to apply it. We properly customize our solutions to fit your business needs and help your Talent Acquisition team succeed.

To learn more about SourceMob’s best practices for social and mobile recruiting, give me a call at 612-249-2740 or email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jeffery Giesener
CEO – SourceMob