Social Recruiting: The New Way to Find a Job

As the economy continues to stumble its way toward recovery, the labor market remains anemic for the millions of people out of work.

With so many unemployed workers, recruiters are pickier than ever, forcing job seekers to turn to innovative ways to break from the pack to connect with potential internship and job opportunities. The old adage “it’s who you know” is more truthful now than ever before. The best edge a job seeker has in a tough market is their relationships: The question then, is how do you best network to forge the right relationships to sharpen that edge?

One of the ways savvy job seekers are expanding their networks is through a new networking phenomenon many are referring to as social recruiting. Since the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile, social media has primarily been a means for socializing and connecting with old friends. However, as social media platforms have evolved, many job seekers and recruiters have discovered a tremendous power in leveraging their social media connections for business networking, or what many are now calling “social recruiting.”