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…ideas by Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob

As Facebook (over 900 Million users), Twitter (over 140 Million users) and Google+ (over 98 Million users) continues to grow at their exponential social pace, the concern coming from Talent Acquisition Professionals is that their career website analytics are finally showing an increasing level of defection to social and mobile platforms.

Do You Know Your Candidate Defection Rate?

This is not a surprise and at SourceMob we have been speaking about this issue for some time now. We have also been helping our clients with solutions that drive social engagement and conversations with your Passive Candidates on the Social and Mobile Career Centers (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile) that we build for you.

Social Recruiting is here to stay and make no mistake that your Candidates are interested in having job conversations with you in their preferred social environments. The Social Talent Acquisition Genie is out of the bottle and is never going back in.

Should We Or Shouldn’t We?

But if you are still sitting on the sidelines or tiptoeing into the social and mobile waters, I only have to take you back a short 15 years. It was the “Blue Ocean” of the World Wide Web where many Recruiters said similar things.

  • Should I recruit using the Internet?
  • Cold Calling is what works for me.
  • My Candidates will find my jobs and send me their resume.

So just look how in a short few years the recruiting world has changed from these positions above.

When you work with SourceMob we distribute relevant job content and conversations to social and mobile channels, which drive Candidates (Passive and Active) to your job posts on your Candidates’ Social and Mobile Networks.

Social Talent Acquisition

Social Talent Acquisition is all about driving conversations directly to Candidates on their social and mobile networks. It is also all about simplifying conversations and engagement with your Candidates, distributing job content that is wanted and highly relevant, and having candidates determine what, when and where they want job related content delivered. For the first time the social web puts your Candidates in control of the content they receive, which is a paradigm shift. No longer are Candidates forced to come to your career website to find your jobs. Plus now they can also share your job content with their friends and family.

Fortunately, by using SourceMob all of your social channels are easily networked together and your Candidates can simply choose where to receive your job content and conversations. We do all of this without the need of any of your IT or HR resources and we do it in less than 60 days.

Around The Next Corner

Working with SourceMob will make a significant difference to your Talent Acquisition efforts and when you start tomorrow (actually yesterday) you will begin to make a daily deposit by lowering your cost per hire while also increasing your talent pool of Candidates. Our clients know this because they see this in their On-Demand Analytics, which supports the SourceMob program.

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