Skeptical About Social Recruiting?

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

A funny thought came to mind when presenting to prospects last week. I was so surprised to learn how skeptical they were on social media recruiting that I thought it was almost as if “Social Recruiting Skepticism” must have been the subject of a recent HR conference keynote address!

What’s your social recruiting Return On Investment (ROI)?

It was interesting to hear so much skepticism about social recruiting and concern over showing leadership a positive and trackable ROI.

However, in stark contrast to delivering a social recruiting ROI, many prospects had no trouble spending thousands of dollars each year on recruiting with the LinkedIn portal (LinkedIn calls itself a social recruiting portal). These costs include money spent directly with LinkedIn and internally within the company to deal with the hundreds (or thousands) of potentially disinterested or unqualified candidates.

Do you completely understand what your LinkedIn ROI is?

By continuing to spend significant sums with LinkedIn, these companies should at least know that they are getting a positive ROI.

More than LinkedIn…the other “big three” social recruiting portals should not be overlooked

Here are the stats:
• LinkedIn: 200 Million users of which 30% are using mobile devices
• Twitter: 200 Million users of which 50% are using mobile devices
• Google+: 500 Million users of which 60% are using mobile devices
• Facebook: more than 1 Billion users of which 78% are using mobile devices.

If you are already successfully recruiting on LinkedIn, wouldn’t you want to be even more successful using the other “big three” social portals? Wouldn’t you want to do it at lower costs?

Do you want to find more passive candidates?

In addition to LinkedIn, just imagine how many more passive candidates can also be found on the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ portals. These platforms will also allow you to find candidates from every demographic – industry vertical, education level, income level, rural/urban sectors, etc. With the “big three” portals, you will have the bandwidth to reach more than 2 billion profiles of potential matching candidates.

What stood out to me during these prospect discussions was how recruiters are using their LinkedIn tools. Unfortunately, using LinkedIn today sounds and feels like the historic model of “old school” recruiting. This process dates back to the time when you simply searched for leads and then called or sent an email (multiple times) to engage a candidate. I’d like to know: where is the permission; the opt-in; the two-way engagement?

As an HR professional, are you or your team reluctant to use Twitter, Google+ and Facebook because you do not understand how these portals can be used effectively to recruit?

These portals do have different privacy and permission rules than LinkedIn. LinkedIn sometimes makes harvesting candidate names unpopular and that may backfire against your brand.

So I ask you:
• Is doing nothing easier than doing something new?
• Is doing something that is innovative out of your comfort zone?

From what I have seen, HR leaders and recruiters have not yet “cracked the code” and allowed social recruiting (beyond LinkedIn) to work for them.

However, I use Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to successfully deliver a positive ROI for my clients. I will share how you can pivot your traditional and LinkedIn recruiting and save significant money too.

Now is the time to unlock a new universe of passive candidates. Deploying Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Social and Mobile Recruiting will lower your recruiting costs, reduce your time to hire and encourage two-way engagement with passive candidates.

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 Jeffery Giesener