Shortcuts to Mobile Success

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

Are you viewing the rise of mobile HR social marketing as a boon to your recruiting business? Executives today are both nervous and optimistic about the rising popularity of mobile platforms and mobile HR marketing (…affecting more than 20% of candidates).

So which camp are you in?

Mobile HR social marketing offers more candidate engagement advantages and challenges than most traditional methods of recruiting.

What Are the Advantages & Challenges of Mobile HR Marketing?

  • Your mobile HR marketing message can help you reach difficult-to-find and passive candidates (no matter where they hang out online). However, these candidates are your top candidates and you must treat them with stellar talent service.
  • You may be engaged with a top candidate. …but so is your competitor.
  • Your mobile messaging opportunity is always on. If you don’t respond quickly, your candidate might go elsewhere.
  • Your mobile HR message will find its way to your candidates when it’s convenient for them. Are you available through mobile 24/7?
  • Mobile HR marketing provides talent acquisition pros with unprecedented opportunities for engagement, conversions, long-term retention, and mobile hiring. Competition for these top candidates is already heating up and these candidates are a challenge to find and recruit.

While the above challenges might make you hesitant to jump into mobile HR marketing, the market facts speak the opposite.  Consider these facts…

  • HubSpot says…in the next two years, there will be more than 3 billion people accessing the Internet using a mobile device. WOW! Facebook/Twitter/Google+ HR marketing is a big marketing opportunity, but the trend says mobile HR marketing will dwarf all of these platforms!
  • HubSpot indicates that in the U.S., 25% of laptop users have abandoned them for exclusive use of mobile devices. Just think about the implications for your recruiting efforts if 15-25% of your candidates are already on your career website but using their mobile phone! Have you tested your website on a mobile Smartphone and Tablet platform? What does your mobile apply experience look like?

Can you afford to dismiss 25% of your recruiting market?

Two Starting Points: Preparing Your Talent Acquisition Strategy for Mobile:

  • Trust your analytics to identify mobile candidates. Through your current analytic program, can you determine what mobile device is being used to access your career website? Do you own your analytics data or does another department provide you with numbers? Why is this acceptable to you? Knowing the specifics of your mobile HR marketing will help you understand how to build your targeted campaigns. Do NOT use your gut! Use your on-demand analytics. Even though Droids might be the rage, for example, it might be the iPhone platform that is driving your mobile traffic.
  • Treat your candidates with respect. If you’re just getting started with mobile HR marketing, treat it you did when you began recruiting online. You took it seriously, right?! For example, if you’re looking to begin a Mobile HR program, you should start by building an opt-in database of mobile numbers (which you own). I recommend that you don’t use third party Sharing Apps to build your opt-in database because you will have no idea where the data is coming from, where it is going to or with whom the data is being shared.

SourceMob Answers Your Mobile HR Marketing Challenge

Without requiring any resources from your IT team, SourceMob can help bridge the gap to mobile talent acquisition by providing the following:

  • Mobile-enabled landing pages (branded micro-sites) built on-the-fly for you. These pages work for all smartphone and Tablet platforms.
  • A robust set of Mobile analytics to help you develop a cost effective mobile strategy and identify which Mobile platforms to pursue and when.
  • The ability for you to build an opt-in database of mobile contacts (via phone numbers) that you can market to immediately because you own this data under pure permission with your candidate.
  • A mobile career distribution engine that enables you to easily create and distribute relevant and personalized career content daily to your candidates on their mobile phones. In turn, these candidates may share this information on Facebook and Twitter. Your candidates will be driven back to your career website for conversion.
  • The ability for you to take advantage of all of the unique “wherever you are” benefits of mobile marketing. These benefits include the leveraging of your mobile-friendly career pages, mobile HR marketing and additional candidate flow through QR codes and mobile Career Fair solutions.

You will not believe how easy it is to accomplish all of the above!  Once again, we do it all without requiring assistance from your internal IT or HR team.

If you are looking for an easy-to-implement, cost-effective way to introduce mobile HR marketing to your business in 2014, I’d welcome your call at 612-349-2740 or email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jeffery Giesener