ShoppeSimple’s “Stay on Site” Keeps Consumers on Your Website

We’ve just announced ShoppeSimple “Stay On Site” —  an exciting new addition to our TransactionalRSS program.  The idea:  keep consumers on your e-commerce website from first glance to purchase.

Here’s how it works: ShoppeSimple creates an icon based on the e-merchant client’s specifications.  The icon is placed on the client’s website, email and/or opt-out page.  When a site visitor rolls over the icon, client feeds automatically drop down.  The consumer can select any of the feeds right there without ever leaving the website.

ShoppeSimple’s Stay On Site TransactionalRSS program delivers all of the benefits of the ShoppeSimple program — customers have seen 25% increases in new customers, 30% increase in average order and more without ever moving anyone from your site.

Just Click on the + or Headline for more information:

Consumer clicks:  Click Here to Buy:

Sale complete!

And ShoppeSimple “Stay On Site” TransactionalRSS participants also receive the benefit of placement on the shopping portal.

Contact ShoppeSimple at to learn more.