ShoppeSimple Media Network Helps Organizations Drive Revenue

The TransactionalRSS technology behind ShoppeSimple has vast applications, and we’re only just beginning to see ShoppeSimple Presented to the Twin Cities by the StarTribune the potential opportunities. One is the ShoppeSimple Media Network, which launched last week with two clients:  StarTribune, the Twin Cities newspaper, and the South Metro Chamber Denver Chamber of Commerce.

South Metro Denver Chamber Daily Deals...Powered by ShoppeSimpleThe idea behind both: Create a permission-based community shopping portal for organizations with an audience – media companies or membership that drives revenue and value for all participants – the organization, merchants and consumers. And each Media Network member brings more people who choose to explore hot deals and exclusive offers from great brands into the ShoppeSimple network.

We’ll go into each of these in our next posts.  Till then, visit the StarTribune’s portal at, and the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce’s site at And let me know if you’d like to know more.