Sharing Is The New Giving

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

— Sharing is the new giving

— Participation is the new engagement

— Recommendations is the new job advertising

As a Talent Acquisition Professional, it’s no longer enough to just understand a candidate’s traditional career behaviors. Did you know Passive candidates who are engaged in social and mobile media leverage the use of social/peer, 3rd-party, and independent editorial content in their career decision-making process?

According to a recent career transition study, the current breakdown on the sources of job transition stands at 29% social/peer content, 36% public relations, 35% independent editorial. In just two years, it will be dead heat across all three career states.

Is it surprising to you that savvy candidates will increasingly hold social/peer content at an equal or higher level of importance over the other job content states? It shouldn’t.

Getting a leg up in Social Recruitment is all about driving candidates to your Social Career Centers and building your social fan base. How do you do this? Use data-protected and permissioned Sharing Widgets to increase your career fan base. But be careful not to violate your Privacy Policy by using 3rd-party cookie-based or personal information capture sharing widgets.

The New Social Leverage…

1)    Sharing Is The New Giving — So how do you build Social Sharing into your Social Talent Acquisition? Stephen Denny in his new book called Killing Giants writes that consumers (candidates in this case) no longer act as though it is all about “me”. They want to receive support from those around them and give back as they receive. It’s not only about “me, but also about my family, my community, my co-workers and my planet.”

With global sharing platforms like your Career Centers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile you now can leverage your employees as one of your key jump off points for your Social Recruiting opportunities.

2)    Participation Is The New Engagement

  • Are your Recruiters engaged in conversation with your Candidates?
  • How easy is it for your Candidates to have a conversation with your Recruiters?
  • Do you force your Candidates through the painful application process before they engage in any form of serious discussions with your Recruiters?
  • Have you discovered how few Candidates actually apply? Do you know your applicant defection rate?
  • What does all of the above say about your willingness to engage your Candidate in a career conversation?

In the Age of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile you’ll find that Candidates are increasingly showing disinterest and mistrust in the traditional approach of being recruited. They don’t want you to talk at them, they want you to talk to them… and they want to be able to talk back!

3)    Recommendations Are The New Advertising

Recommendations are very personal.

  • When you decide to recommend a job to a friend, don’t you first vet the position and the company?
  • Don’t you seek out a trusted referral?
  • Don’t you seek to make sure you make the best decision and protect your network and the company?

Of course you do. So when you are in the process of Social Recruitment step back and think about how your Candidates currently seek out “TRUSTED” referrals? They are most likely speaking with your current and past employees.

At SourceMob we can easily and quickly help you broaden your Talent Acquisition strategy to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile, via your own online Social and Mobile Career Center (which we build for you). And we do this without involving your IT Team and their budget, or your HR management resources.

In fact, the SourceMob solutions basically run on autopilot. We also provide you Talent Communities (we call them SourcePools) capturing relevant job category conversations, which reduce your hiring cycle time.

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