September Update

The latest update from Jeff Giesener, RSSCheck/ShoppeSimple CEO:

Around here, it’s like someone fired the starter’s pistol: we’re off and running…at tremendous speed. We’re seeing a  real spike in interest in ShoppeSimple’s TransactionalRSS tools to open a new sales channel to customers, and high excitement for our forthcoming first-of-its-kind opt-in prospecting channel at

What’s driving all this? In part, it is the evidence we’re seeing that ShoppeSimple works for converting site traffic and email addresses into buyers. For example, one of our clients has seen steady month-over-month sales increases using ShoppeSimple, simply based on visitors to their website clicking on the ShoppeSimple home page icon to sign up for the latest deals.  In mid August, they started putting the ShoppeSimple icon in their email footer.  Gross sales volume through ShoppeSimple is now 4-6 times the sales since they started, and they have, so far, added nearly 100 subscribers to their deal feed. Now, unlike email, they can reach this growing consumer audience multiple times each day, 365 days a year. They are seeing an increase in order frequency and higher average order value.

We often ask our customers what would they like to do most in their marketing efforts.  Is it:

1) Sell more to existing customers? or,

2) Gain new customers?

We answer the customer’s desire to sell more to existing customers by citing the ShoppeSimple site tools mentioned above (home page icon/email icon).  We will answer their desire to gain new customers when we launch our forthcoming opt-in prospecting channel, which you can preview at

The new site will open a new opt-in prospecting and sales channel for online merchants.  Sign up for a quick demo and you’ll see that it’s an easy addition to what you’re doing now in your online marketing mix without any IT involvement required. ShoppeSimple lets you contact the customer more often without bothering your prospect — because your customer has asked to hear from you. And our opt-in prospecting portal will bring in lots of new customers for your business at no cost other than a transaction fee when they buy from you.

Consumers will see at the center of a common web of hundreds of merchants — brands, categories, a media portal, online newspapers and publishers — a web where they want to explore, connect and buy from you.

We always want to want to get your thoughts and to hear your feedback. Contact us at or call us at 612.349.2740 to arrange a demo where you can learn how we can help you grow your business.