Recruitment “House of Cards”

HR ideas…From Jeffery Giesener – CEO –

It always surprises me just how many attendees to our SourceMob Webinars share one or both of these issues they are facing.

  1. They need help convincing their management that using social and mobile recruiting is a priority for their organization and for their candidates.
  2. Their “old school” company culture roadblocks their talent acquisition team from using social and mobile recruiting.

Is this also what is happening at your organization?

One of the key reasons why this may be happening is due to a lack of accessible clear career analytics. How do you advocate new innovations if you are still driving using your rear view mirror? Remember, I always advocate that your Talent Acquisition Department should be running your analytics. Too many Talent Acquisition departments are left in the dark by not managing their own analytics or content. Instead they let their marketing or IT manage these critical components for them. That is a really bad idea. Just look over to the eCommerce department. Do you think they are not managing their own business metrics?

To convince your management to make social and mobile recruiting a priority, the first step is to show them how many candidates are already visiting your career pages, how many candidates are defecting and then how many are viewing your jobs on their mobile devices. Next you need to learn and demonstrate also how many candidates are actually searching for jobs on your social media channels and being referred to your jobs from these channels. The high numbers usually surprise recruiters and management alike. You will also learn that using social and mobile solutions for recruiting will result in lower costs than traditional recruiting, as much as 25-40% less.

Bottom Line: what you will find out is that your candidates are already searching and viewing jobs on social and mobile channels. In fact, did you know that 16-25% of your candidate visitation is already on a mobile device. I would be happy to share your metrics with your management on the benefits of social and mobile recruiting?

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Jeffery Giesener