Recruiting Lessons to Learn from “The Lego Movie”

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The smash hit “The LEGO Movie” tells the story of Emmet, a simple and well-behaved LEGO® Minifigure who is mistakenly thought to have world-saving abilities. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers – a Minifigure superhero team called the Master Builders – on a mission to stop an evil tyrant. It is a mission that Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously under-prepared for.

THREE Powerful Recruiting Lessons to Take Away From “The Lego Movie”:

1. Proper Networking Strategies WILL Boost the Success of your Brand

In the film, Emmet meets the Master Builders via employee referral (sort of..). He eventually becomes their leader and after a tough fight, they defeat the evil tyrant

What if the Master Builders never met Emmet? He was vital to their organization. If they utilized social networking, finding qualified candidates would have been an easier task. They would quickly be able to find and engage candidates with applicable crime-fighting skills. Additionally, they could get a sense of their candidate’s traits and characteristics to see if they would be a good fit for the team.

2. Everything Should Be About Building a Powerhouse Team

Emmet understands the power of working with people. However, he would concur that not everything is working well for candidates, as they want to engage with your brand. He understands that candidates today want to view career posts and conversations wherever they are online, in social networks and on their mobile platforms. Do you know that the leverage is switching to your top candidates as they are increasingly in charge of how they are being recruited?

  • Today’s candidates no longer want to be forced to come back to your website to view your jobs.
  • Today’s candidates no longer have the patience to sift through pages of job postings, which are not mobile friendly.
  • Today’s candidates want to review your career post on their mobile device and apply to them simply and easily through their phones.

3. Making Sure You Deliver a Top Candidate Experience

Today’s talent acquisition is all about establishing your career brand and delivering a top candidate experience. Your goal for candidates should also should be about making Everything is Awesome. Of course, unfortunately that’s not the case in today’s recruiting world. All of your recruiting engagement should follow the path of what your marketing is doing. However typical marketing communications is for your consumers, partners and investors. But leave no mistake about it, you as the HR Leader and your Team must be the champion of your candidate experience. If you don’t do it – whole will?

Our 2014 SourceMob Annual Social and Mobile Recruiting Survey led to some surprising discoveries. The fact that so many recruiters do not consider where their candidates look for job postings online is perplexing. Additionally, many – or maybe most – of the world’s largest companies have yet to deliver their job listings to popular company specific career pages on key social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Even less consider the struggles their candidates go through when applying from a mobile device.

Why not become your organization’s Master Builder? Use the best social and mobile recruiting tactics to lead your recruiting team to success! .

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