Predictions for 2013

Plenty of predictions are flying around this time of year and we have a few thoughts of our own for what 2013.  Here are our predictions and suggestions for how to capitalize on these trends:

  1. Go mobile: Just as businesses needed to follow their consumers as they move from traditional marketing and onto the internet, they must now lead them from the desktop to the cell phone. Candidates are increasingly using their cell phones and tablets to access information and view jobs. And we think this will increase in 2013 with the steady growth of these devices that enable consumers to connect on the go. As potential Candidates (especially Passive ones) check you out from the car pool lane or their favorite Starbucks on their 4G networks and Wi-fi, a good app or mobile-optimized website can make or break a recruiting opportunity.
  2. Segmentation rules:  There’s a new kid in town and his name is segmentation, a.k.a job category and localization. Well, he is not new to marketers but for Talent Acquisition they have just recently made his acquaintance. Your Candidates both active and passive consume information across a wide spectrum of sources, so you should be engaging them wherever possible. But audiences across these varied channels are not homogenous. They don’t all share the same goal for what information they consume- now how, when or why it’s consumed and shared. So customize your approach to each channel. The good news is, as Facebook and other social media websites allow Talent Acquisition Pros more access to users’ personal information, there will be more opportunity to segment markets and target Candidates based on very specific information.
  3. Your blog is still your friend: Good blog content is- and will continue to be- super important to your Candidate acquisition effectiveness. While most everyone agrees the blog is important to their social recruiting efforts, Content Marketing Institute’s recent survey “B2B Content Marketing” showed that it can also be the biggest challenge for a business. The top content marketing challenge companies reported: Creating enough blog content, creating engaging content, and creating a variety of content. With blogs securing their hold as a vital part of a solid social recruiting marketing plan, expect these problems to be addressed head-on in 2013 (and expect segmentation to be a part of the solution!).
  4. The steady takeover of IM: One thing that shows no sign of slowing down: the success of inbound marketing. Over the past few years the growth of inbound marketing has been strong and consistent. While it is more of a slow march than a striking force, IM is taking down the competition with solid results from cheaper methods. Working with Candidates using Inbound Marketing technicques (IM, Direct Inbound Calling, Click-to-Call) show this growth shows no signs of stopping in 2013.

Okay, so nothing earth shattering here. But hey, were not tea leaf readers and we own no crystal ball! And we don’t suggest you make business decisions based on what some guru or pundit thinks might potentially happen (or secretly  hopes happens).


adapted from a post by Source: Imbounndify