New Year…New You

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

You can’t watch a 15 minutes of TV today without seeing commercials for the weight loss or health industry.

That’s because January is the month to make resolutions to improve your health and well-being.

All of this got me thinking. What if you could improve the well-being of your recruiting, improve your Candidate experience and as a result improve (lower) your recruiting costs.

  • Who is In charge of pivoting your organization in 2013 to improve your Candidate experience?

Here are some social metrics published recently by…

  • 92% of Companies use or plan to use social recruiting next year.
  • 73% have successfully hired a candidate through social.
  • 43% of recruiters who use social recruiting saw an increase in candidate quality.

All of the above helped reduce the cost of recruiting for the firms surveyed.

It’s a mistake to cast your recruiting hook only with LinkedIn.

Why? Because When you aggregate their annual fee, LinkedIn Recruiter is expensive. One of our clients indicated they paid LinkedIn over $50,000 in fees in 2012. They hired 6 people and paid $8,333 per hire. That may appear less that what you would pay an outside recruiting firm per hire, but remember, you also have to include the cost of your internal recruiting. At then at the end of the day, the company realized it was paying essentially the same recruiting cost with LinkedIn as it was with an outside recruiter.

Secondly, LinkedIn is obviously not the only social recruiting portal. In fact, it is one of the smaller ones with 200 Million members.

Check out a few others:  Are you recruiting here?

  • In 2012 Facebook passed 1 Billion profile pages.
  • Twitter leaped over to 400 million profile pages in 2012.
  • Google+ grew to over 400 Million profile pages in 2012.
  • Then when you look at the growth of mobile in 2012, smartphones and Tablets blew past desktop utilization. By 2015 there will be over 3 Billion smartphone and Tablet connections.

So here are some “New Year…New You” recruiting resolutions you should consider making for your Talent Acquisition business.

  • Control your own career messages on social channels. Develop your own Career Center (not controlled by marketing) on each social channel. Deliver permission-based messaging (including your job posts by category and location) directly to your Candidates’ Social pages privately. This is just perfect to find the passive Candidate on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile.
  • Develop a strategy to reach your college recruiting audiences using “Mobile On The Go” solutions. Do you have a Career Fair and Event browser-based application where your candidates can apply to your business right from the career fair? Additionally, develop a way for your jobs to be seen on a mobile device (smartphone or Tablet) and allow them to be able to apply right from their mobile device.
  • Use Candidate Relationship Management tools to data mine Candidates from your qualified applicant pipeline before you spend additional money on new recruiting requisitions or outside recruiting fees.
  • In-bound marketing. Speak directly to your Candidates while they are on your Apply page. This obviously provides more engagement, will reduce your defection rate and lower your recruiting costs.

The point here highlights a New Year…New You goal to engage with your Candidates at a much deeper level of conversation than you have done in the past. It will also enable you to find your top potential (passive) talent who want to directly talk to you.

SourceMob’s web-based 15-component suite of Talent Acquisition solutions will enable your Talent Acquisition Team to engage and have conversations with Candidates at a level never before realized. Our solutions are highly scalable, affordable, lower your Candidate defection and therefore lower your recruiting costs. The end game in 2013 is for you to jump on the social and mobile recruiting bandwagon and we have the analytics and ROI measurements to prove that it will lower your overall recruiting costs.

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