New Year Resolutions Learned From My Trip To Silicon Valley

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After returning from several days in Silicon Valley, here are recruiting ideas that came out of our VC meetings that I thought I would share.

  • Key Sourcing Lesson #1:) Focus on driving applications from your existing audiences. Leverage your employees to grow your Social and Mobile Candidate base as your first starting point. Send an invite to your employees and your Followers on your, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ Company pages to drive traffic to your social, mobile and web career pages. Why start here? Because your employees want to bring the best talent into the organization. They are passionate about the business and want to work with people who “get it and those that are passionate, too”.
  • Key Sourcing Lesson #2:) Can you sell your brand and jobs to your Candidates in 1 minute? This thought process is a complete tipping point change from where you used to be as a Recruiter. In the past, the Candidate had to sell herself/himself to you. Now, increasingly your brand and career acquisition strategies need a communication facelift to sell itself to your Candidates (especially your Passive ones). Creating effective Talent Acquisition communication tools are keys to accomplishing sending the “right” messaging to fill your Candidate pipeline. Plus using a video or an InfoGraphic are just the perfect vehicles to accomplish this specialized messaging. And and YouTube give you a perfect platform to stream your messages.
  • Key Sourcing Lesson #3:) Capturing and databasing double opt-in email, asking for permission to capture social profiles and mobile text numbers is the next digital frontier to sourcing Candidates. Then once your have your permissioned databases built executing broadcast campaigns to communicate future job content to their preferred Social and Mobile Networks is another strong play to creating more qualified applicants. It will also help to build your company brand.
  • Key Sourcing Lesson #4:) Learn from the analytics of your new Social, Mobile Career Centers and your existing Career Home pages. Find out which referring links are generating your Candidate traffic and your hires and from which campaigns. Determine where your page defection is and figure out ways to fix it. Then you are in the best position to build and optimize upon your successes and determine your Hiring ROI.

Why do all the above? Because your qualified Candidates, especially your Passive ones, are using Social and Mobile Media today to source positions around their job interests.

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