SourceMob’s MobileApply-Talent Community™ will result in more quality hires at lower recruiting costs.  Today, 30 percent of job applicants will defect if not given a mobile apply process.  The MobileApply-Talent Community™ solution seamlessly allows mobile applications to be stored, searched and segmented according to job requisition number, job title, job category, location, or any custom filters.

Why Use SourceMob’s MobileApply-Talent Community?

Reduce Defection from the Mobile Candidate

With an increasing number of candidates applying on-the-go, there is currently a high demand for organizations to enable a mobile application process.  Candidates can now easily join your Talent Community, receive job alerts and apply for their position of interest from their smartphones and Tablets.

Reduce Recruiting Costs and Hiring Time

A bad mobile application experience will certainly generate high defection from your application pages.  When your candidates can easily join your Talent Community via a mobile device, you will see an increase in your talent pool, leading to more qualified hires and a lower cost per hire and time to hire.

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