Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps….ideas from ShoppeSimple

From Jeffery Giesener – CEO – ShoppeSimple

Facts and Some Predictions:

  • A Forrester Research study found that 12% of brands today have no mobile marketing plan, while 57% are still establishing initiatives. Nearly 70% of marketing executives do not have a mobile marketing plan in place or are only just beginning to create one. This is despite the fact that sales of Smartphones continue to increase exponentially.
  • U.S. mobile commerce sales will grow to $2.42 billion in 2010, according to Coda Research.
  • PayPal says…mobile transactions increased six-fold, from $25 million in 2008 to $141 million in 2009.  They estimate 2010 will be over $500 million in mobile payment volume, with more than 5 million members regularly using PayPal from mobile devices.
  • Amazon announced in August 2010 they passed the $1 billion mark in mobile commerce.
  • A survey in April 2010 by eROI said only 23% of merchants responding to the survey reported having a mobile-optimized website.

Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps?

One of the biggest decisions for marketers today is whether they should build a mobile site or App- or both.

Now you can bridge the gap between the mobile web and Apps using the ShoppeSimple Mobile solution. Our Mobile Software as a Service (Saas) solution, which not only works seamlessly within the ShoppeSimple platform of 15 Social Commerce components but gives your business a mobile solution today at an ROI you will be very happy with. Now for the first time you will be able to not only mobilize your website and email but also through the ShoppeSimple program have your customers will view your Facebook and Twitter stores, your consumers MyHome Pages, and several other ShoppeSimple properties including your store on using their mobile Smartphones.

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Where is mobile going?

With Google developing the mobile web and search as its future, and Apple obviously building and locking consumers into the App route, what is still not clear is which platform consumers will prefer in coming years. Because of this, developing either side of this mobile bridge (mobile web or apps) is and will continue to be a huge dollar commitment for merchants.

So what is a merchant to do especially when Morgan Stanley indicates that by 2014 half of the US web browsing will be done on mobile devices?

We all now your business depends on the web and as a result it’s important to start thinking about what is your business going to do to capture your mobile commerce revenue? But first things first…

·         Check what your website or email looks like on any of the 4 major Smartphone (iPhone/Driod/Blackberry/iPad) platforms? Is this easy for you to do?

·         Then are you able to buy through your broadcast emails or website on each of these Smartphones?

As stated above, mobile Internet usage is growing faster than nearly anyone realizes. If you wait until 25% of your website/email visitors are using Smartphones to engage with them, you can bet you will be loosing consumers to those competitive companies who have taken the leap and gone into mobile early.

At ShoppeSimple we recommend that you make your website and email work harder for you in mobile and begin defending your competitive position today.

The ShoppeSimple Mobile Commerce Solution…

At ShoppeSimple we have thought a lot about Mobile and by working with us as a client you will immediately receive a clearer picture around your mobile opportunity. By using ShoppeSimple you can now test the waters of mobile with our Mobile Commerce Solutions and see for yourself all of your mobile key program performance metrics; your mobile analytics and more importantly generate mobile commerce sales right now.

The power of the ShoppeSimple Social and Mobile Commerce solution engine has Mobile SaaS bundled into our Base Service pricing and is available to your business at an affordable monthly fee.

I suspect you will be hard pressed to find a better mobile opportunity to learn the mobile space, see your full mobile analytics, gain new customers and repeat mobile sales, drive consumers into your stores and provide a great mobile user experience for your consumers right now.

In fact, you can have the ShoppeSimple Social and Mobile Commerce Solutions working for your business in less than 2 weeks with little IT involvement from your side other than placing a light weight tracking pixel on your confirm page of statistical and order tracking.

Let ShoppeSimple help you reach new unbudgeted sales in time for the holidays and bring new consumers to your business.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific online objectives.  With that understanding we can begin to design a Mobile and Social Commerce program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy.

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Jeffery GiesenerJeffery Giesener, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of ShoppeSimple, LLC. Jeffery Giesener, CEO of ShoppeSimple, has over 20 years of online marketing experience with companies like GE’s Genie Online Shopping Network, AOL Marketplace Stores, Abacus Direct & DoubleClick. He also has extensive experience from a marketer’s perspective having built one of the first highly successful apparel websites for a leading men’s wear direct marketer and gift cataloger.  Jeffery will share his Social & Mobile Commerce vision and what you can do to leverage these opportunities now.


ShoppeSimple is software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables consumers to pre-select merchants and their customized, tailored offers and have them delivered to any of their Social Media Communities and Mobile Smartphones.  As such, we enable the merchant to deliver product information and offers to consumers who are engaged and looking to buy multiple times a day, 365 days a week. The portal provides consumer a simple and efficient way to engage with merchant without having to give up their digital data. We expect the portal to have over 1 Million monthly visitors by 2011.