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One of the biggest decisions for Talent Acquisition Professionals this year is whether they should invest in building a mobile-friendly career site along with a seamless mobile apply or just an career apply app or both?

But there is a bigger question here on where mobile is going. With Google betting on mobile web and search as the future, and Apple taking the app route, it is still not clear which platform candidate will prefer in the coming years. Because of this fragmented mobile browsing experience, developing either can seem like a huge commitment to the CHRO and their teams, especially since mobile spending currently makes up less than 5% or less of HR budgets in in many organizations.

Furthermore, with the number of different device types, operating systems, and screen sizes available, the decision for CHRO’s and IT leadership can be even more daunting. Because of the intricacies with mobile, just 23% of companies responding to the eROI survey reported having a mobile-optimized career website.

It is also estimated and reported by Morgan Stanley that already half of the Americans’ web browsing is done on mobile devices.

If you have noticed, Apple is all about mobile apps, and Google is all about the mobile web. How the system will evolve, whether apps or web will be the chosen mobile solution, I have my opinion and here it is. The cost of upgrading the app side of the isle is incredibly expensive and often hidden from view when companies get into the app business. You will notice this when you look at how many companies bale on the apps side of the isle after just one or two years using apps. Then there is the dirty little secret of apps marketing.

Once you need to upgrade your apps platforms, you also need to communicate to your user base that they need to download a new version of your app. If you believe that smartphones today auto upgrade then why do I/you have to trigger the upload process. There is a huge amount of HR marketing churn that is being hidden here which no one seems to talk about.

Do you even know who your mobile users are?

What platform they are on?

How would you notify them that there is a new mobile platform upgrade version to download.

You can just imagine the hidden cost of this HR marketing expense and where is this in your HR communication budget? Or are you burying it?

Now on the web side of the isle, none of these costs are born by the company. A good SaaS solutions provider absorbs these costs and enables a company to focus on what it does best – driving talent into your pipeline.

What does all this mean for companies and talent organizations? If they depend on their web presence for recruiting in any way, it’s important to start thinking about mobile now… checking how their career website looks and works on mobile devices, how a candidate can apply on mobile or can’t easily is certainly something you need to be focused on today.

Mobile internet use is growing faster than nearly anyone realizes. Already in 2015 there are over 3 billion connections in the US alone. To those organizations who are slow to focus effort around mobile recruiting, I’d say: Don’t wait until 25% of your career site visitors are using handhelds — that’s like waiting until a quarter of your backyard is on fire before grabbing a water hose!

Start thinking NOW about how to make your career website work hard for you on mobile devices.” When you initiate your strategy and execute, your reward will be felt immediately in reduced candidate defection and more applicant flow. The result is more effective recruiting at lower costs, better qualified candidates and filling your jobs faster.

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