Mobile Marketer Profiles ShoppeSimple’s Mobile Strategy

Mobile Marketer posted a terrific profile of ShoppeSimple today, honing in on our strategy for mobile commerce. You can read the article here:

The online news site’s Chris Harrick interviewed ShoppeSimple CTO John Hogie:

“ShoppeSimple gives people one easy place to get deals and offers when and how they want them, without having to give up personal information to get them,” said John Hogie, chief technology officer of ShoppeSimple, Minneapolis. “More and more, people want to use their mobile devices as part of their shopping experience, so it’s a core part of our strategy.

“We have a vision with ShoppeSimple to change the relationship between merchant and consumer,” he said. “Until now, it’s only been baby steps.

“We’re talking about realizing a vision of the future of marketing and mobile commerce.”

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ShoppeSimple on the mobile front as we continue to grow this exciting business.