Mobile is the New Black

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO • June 11, 2014

The Silicon Valley Venture Capital Group Kleiner Perkins presented its annual Internet Trend Report last week. The presentation highlighted the rapid growth of mobile media, an evolution that resembles the once-steep adoption curve of the Internet itself.

Since 1996, American adult Internet use has grown from 14% to 86%. The growth is fueled by an “always-on” Internet and content revolution that made the Internet as essential to communication as the telephone was in the mid-20th century.

When the Internet met the phone, however, something incredible happened. “Always-on” became “always-in-hand.” The Internet – and now recruiting – started on a desktop computer but is now moving to your handheld device, enabling you to continually source talent, create career content, and engage with candidates in real-time. Candidates, in turn, are viewing and applying for jobs on their mobile devices.

If your recruiting method is not employing mobile technology, you’re running the risk of not being relevant to your candidates. In the past year, mobile data traffic saw a growth of 81%. In fact, 25% of all page views globally now come from a mobile device. The focus is now on the near ubiquity of the mobile device.

Consider this: the average adult’s daily time spent on mobile this year will increase nearly 25% from 2013, outpacing growth for all other media and effectually cannibalizing it. Not only are we doing more on our mobile devices, we’re choosing to spend time on mobile over other activities (like watching TV or shopping via our desktops). It’s no surprise that today’s candidates are using mobile to search and apply for new jobs.

The consequences are clear for recruiting, but Talent Acquisition executives still have significant catching up to do.

Thinking of optimizing your recruitment strategy for mobile? Here are some things to consider:

  • Getting your ATS to accept a mobile application will significantly decrease candidate defection.
  • Tapping your segmented employee mobile networks for tough-to-find candidates will dramatically boost your Talent Community and candidate pipeline.
  • Developing ROI analytics that provide your organization with key performance metrics for your recruiting – including mobile recruiting – is essential.

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Jeffery Giesener